Dr Johannes Jacubeit

Dr Johannes Jacubeit

Founder & CEO, Connected Health

Dr. Johannes Jacubeit is a medical doctor, software developer and an entrepreneur. In his youth, playing the Violoncello, he has received the 1. prize of the german state award for young musicians. After finishing medical school, as part of his doctoral thesis he researched the electro-physiological fundamentals of transmembrane ionflow that leads to heartbeats. As a doctor he has worked in orthopedic surgery & sports medicine and moved on to medical management, where he advised the implementation of hospital IT and executive health checkups. As side projects, driven by his passion for technology, he wrote code in Ruby, JS and iOS. In well presented talks, he promotes the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities of data driven medicine and digital health. Combining medical knowledge with a variety of experiences, he now focuses on to bringing the doctor-patient interaction into the 21st century. In Q4 2014 he founded connected-health.eu GmbH - your digital health company.


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