Mattias Hjelmstedt

Mattias Hjelmstedt

Founder MagineTV & Partner, Velspar Holding

As featured in Bloomberg, CNN, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal and Wired, serial entrepreneur, Hjelmstedt has successfully created companies since the early 1990s in the areas of: content distribution, streaming, online gaming, social media, and computer technologies. 

An unparalleled innovator, Hjelmstedt’s commitment to online user experience, and turning online TV into aglobal reality, sees him partnering with the leading figures in TV, electronics, and digital industries, as well as discerning consumers. 

Mattias has over the years won several awards, among some of them: ­
- Mattias won the 2014 Digital innovation award at the Digital TV Europe 50 Leaders Awards event,
- Mattias company Magine was named Best TV App at the TV Connect Awards 2014 (, which took place at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, and celebrated excellence, innovation and achievements in the global TV and connected entertainment markets. ­
- Mattias was ranked at number two in 50 VOD Professionals Nordic, a comprehensive list of the most influential figures working in the industry and region. Judged by senior industry executives, over 100 individuals were nominated, andthe final league table includes representatives from companies such as Ericsson, NRK, and Netflix.

Mattias is also a frequently enlisted keynote speaker within the digital space, since he has worked with digital transformation within the Internet, computer gaming and media industry since the early 90th. 

Mattias Hjelmstedt today works as a founding partner at Velspár Holding.
Velspár provides exclusive technology focused investments in a structure tailored solution for each specific venture. The world has moved on from old structures and styled boxed venture capital solutions. Start-ups and technology are disrupting industry after industry, but the investment structures are still old andlocked. Velspár is bridging the world of venture capital into the modern world. 

Foundedby long term serial entrepreneurs together with very strong investment bank experience Velspár is fuelling the next level of technology and business. Welcome to both the founder and investor friendly future! 
Professional Background 

Professional Background
Hjelmstedt has developed a number of high profile tech companies throughout his professional career. 

Mattias Hjelmstedt is the Founder of MagineTV. Created in 2010, Magine is the pioneering cloud-based service for watching live andcatch-upTV in the same place andacross all devices. In place of complicated set-ups andcostly subscriptions, Magine has created TV as it should be. 

With its head office based in Stockholm,Magine TV launched commercially in March 2013 in its native Sweden and in Germany in April 2014, hosting some of the world’s best known brands and channels in each territory, including Discovery, Fox, Nickelodeon, CNN International, BBC, Eurosport, and National Geographic,as well as channels from key national broadcasters. In August 2015, Magine TV also launched a beta service in the UK. New market roll-outs and partnerships are planned for 2016. 

In September 2015, Magine TV acquired Plejmo, the largestindependent streaming service for movies in the Nordic region, allowing for greater VOD development within the Magine TV platform. 

As one of the pioneering European companies in cloud-based TV aggregation, Magine TV also developed different ways to support partners in new and growing markets, offering arange of dynamic working models from pure white label services, to joint commercial ventures. With three years of operational experience in some of the most advanced consumer TV markets in Europe, Magine TVis able to offer its platform to TV industry stakeholders in new markets on a global scale. 

Mattias was Co-Founder and VPOperation and Production of Voddler Sweden (2008–2010). The next generation video-on-demand (VOD) provider, Voddler, simplifies film viewing for consumers, while offering the best and most up-to-date movies and TV-series from around the world. Based in Stockholm, Voddler grew to over 1.2 million registered customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Spain, beforeits international expansion. 

Between 2005-2009, Hjelmstedt was CEO of Professional Entertainment AB, after co-founding the company. Professional Entertainment AB owned, which was one of Scandinavia’s premier retailers for advanced home entertainment equipment. 

Hjelmstedt founded Scandinavian Cyber Events (2005–2007) and presided over the company as CEO. They were responsible for bringing the World Cyber Games to Scandinavia, and created events with clients including: Samsung, Intel, AMD, Coca-Cola, and Shuttle. 

In 2001 Hjelmstedt foundedthe Electronic Sports Network: acompany that works with the development of social gaming platforms. The platform transformed into a framework for creating real time social platforms, and was used for Battlefield 3. ESN was acquired by EA in 2012, due to its success. Disney will use the ESN platform in the upcoming Star Wars game.

He also created the Swedish E-Sport League, a gaming competition, which was first of its kind, with thousands of press articles written about it globally. Hjelmstedt additionally devised and launched which was one of the first social media sites with aglobal reach. By 2001 they had already 500,000 users,with many comparable functions to the prevailing social media platforms extant today. 

Mattias has also invested in an array of companies, both as an angel investor and as a professional investor. 

Some selected press and keynotes by Mattias: 


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