Webit stands for a global community and a series of events, the largest of which welcomes over 15 000 attendees from 110 countries.

The Webit Global Community consists of over 100 000 digirati, policy makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and experts fascinated by technology and fostering the digital transformation in the business and the society.

The annual events' locations include Istanbul(Webit.EMEA), Dubai (Webit.MENA), Singapore (Webit.APAC), New Delhi (Webit.INDIA) and Sofia (Webit.Festival EUROPE) thus bridging digital Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Webit.Foundation is committed to boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in EMEA and Asia and improving the state of innovation for a better future. Annually, we grant over $1 million to startups from all around the world through our Founders Games and also providing awards of over €200 000 for the winning startup.

During the years, Webit remained committed to one very important thing - creating happiness. We believe that happiness is where people are successful while staying together with their family and friends.

We are achieving this goal by creating a density of opportunities and bringing the top entrepreneurs, investors, enterprise leaders, academia and policy makers from all around the world to the locations where we are needed.

Our Impact


Over 2000 startups apply for every Webit event and receive the opportunity for free attendance, pitching and connecting with the global leaders we host.


Unique Ecosystem

We are aware of what are the needs, the goals and what should be done in markets, that are not as developed as Silicon Valley and are actually underdeveloped.

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

On the basis of the global community and expert networks that we have, Webit builds and creates further strategies for growth of the regions that we cover.