Webit stands for a global community and a series of events, the largest of which welcomes over 15 000 attendees from 110 countries.

The Webit Global Community consists of over 100 000 digirati, policy makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, scientists and experts fascinated by technology and fostering the digital transformation in the business and the society.

The annual events' locations include Istanbul (Webit.EMEA), Dubai (Webit.MENA), Singapore (Webit.APAC), New Delhi (Webit.INDIA) and Sofia (Webit.Festival EUROPE) thus bridging digital Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Webit.Foundation is committed to creating density of opportunities for boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in EMEA and Asia and improving the state of innovation for a better future.

Annually Webit.Foundation grants over $1 million to startups from all around the world through www.foundersgames.org and also providing awards over $200 000 for the winning startup.

Webit connects leaders of business, academia and government through global events series and digital networks.