Webit Conferences

Innovate! & Plenary Session

Attend Webit’s Innovate! & Plenary Session to witness top level discussions on the future of Europe and the work that the private and public sectors must take in order to improve the state of investment, innovation and entrepreneurship in the continent while protecting its people and businesses.

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Digital Entertainment & Media Summit

Attend Digital Entertainment & Media Summit to learn how digital transformation and innovation impact the content, media and entertainment industries and explore the convergence among the contemporary entertainment sources - new content formats, VR, e-gambling, AI, gaming and e-sports.

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Health Summit

Attend Health Summit to explore the huge changes that technology can bring to our health, quality of life and happiness through new methods of treating diseases, improving patient care and better prevention.

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Mobility Summit

Attend Mobility Summit to understand the latest technological advancements in the way we move people and goods, the legislative measures that governments need to take in order to foster the new mobility concept and the trends that will shape the industry in the years to come.

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Blockchain Summit

Attend Blockchain Summit to understand more about the development of decentralised distribution and storage of data and the exciting aspects of this amazing technology. The summit gathers the world’s top blockchain experts, crypto, investors and founders.

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Fintech Summit

Attend Fintech Summit to learn about the latest FinTech advancements and implementation and how they will benefit banking, insurance, financing advisory and cross-point support.

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Cybersecurity Summit

Attend Cybersecurity Summit to learn about the steps that people, businesses and governments need to take in order to secure their corporate, state and private data in the information age we live in.

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Future of Food Summit

Attend Future of Food Summit to understand the latest advancements and trends in sustainable agriculture and learn about the methods that will help us feed our overpopulated planet while improving the quality of life and health of people.

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The Spirit of Webit

Attend Spirit of Webit Summit to bring the state of your inner mind to another level. We will meet spitirtual and tech leaders and foster the conversation about centering technological advancements around people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Webit.Festival Europe 2020 will be held on 17-20 June.
The event will be held in Valencia, Spain. The Venue is to be announced. Subscribe for our newsletter in order to be updated with the latest announcements.
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The agenda will be announced at a later stage. Subscribe for our newsletter to be updated with the latest announcements.
The speakers of 2020 will be announced at a later stage - you can check some of the previous speakers here.
All the keynotes, lectures and discussion panels are in English.
If you need visa to attend Webit.Festival, please send us an email at office@e-acad.eu, and we will send you a letter invitation.
Our official hashtag is #webit.
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