Aidan Connolly

Aidan Connolly

Cainthus / CEO

Aidan Connolly is CEO of Cainthus, an Irish artificial intelligence company, using computer vision to monitor animals. Cainthus’ technology is identifying and memorizing individual cows, specifically to understand their feed and water intake and also to track health.

Aidan is also president of AgriTech Capital, a new company in the field of advisory investment and development of ventures in agriculture, focused on both start-ups and existing traditional business development.

He is the author of the recently launched strategic business planning book, “2-1-4-3.” 

Aidan Connolly graduated with a Master’s in International Marketing from the Smurfit School of Business, University College Dublin, Ireland. He previously worked with Alltech for more than 25 years, initially in Ireland, and then based in France, Brazil and the United States.  He has travelled for business to over 100 countries including most 
recently extensively in China.  From 2002 until 2008, Connolly held the position of Vice President of Alltech Europe, then to Washington DC as VP of Corporate Accounts.  As Chief Innovation Officer Connolly was responsible for the commercialization of Alltech’s global research in addition to continuing corporate account strategy within Alltech. His expertise is in branding, agriculture and international marketing. Connolly is an adjunct professor of marketing at University College Dublin and visiting professor at the China Agricultural University. He is a former member of the European FEFANA organization and the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA).
 Connolly is responsible for the highly anticipated Alltech Global Feed Survey, which is released annually.  He has also led the implementation of the Pearse Lyons Accelerator, a late-stage, agri-tech accelerator run by Alltech and Dogpatch Labs, which received over 200 applications from more than 30 countries.

He received a bachelor’s degree in commerce from University College Dublin and a master’s degree in international marketing from the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, University College Dublin.

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