Valentin Pintilescu

Valentin Pintilescu

LooLooKids / Development Manager

LooLoo Kids is one of the top ten Worldwide YouTube channels for toddlers. Every day, LooLoo Kids is bringing fun and magic to nursery rhymes, building a safe destination for children's learning, development and entertainment. The reward of this effort: The First Diamond Play Button from Central & Eastern Europe. From all over the world, more than 120 million families are watching their videos telling them that their songs are the best support for kids in a second language learning journey.

LooLoo Kids is an edutainment initiative that was wholeheartedly created with the intention of providing children around the world with quality media content. Our educational endeavors are supported by an active team of over 100 professionals, musicians, lyricists, singers, and animators. Their excellence is essential to captivating one of the most selective audiences: kids.

With a 15 years marketing experience, Vali believes in web and in launching new products. With all that this process implies, from market research, to product design and deployment, to positioning strategies and pricing policies. 

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