Innovate! & Plenary

14-15 May 2019, NDK, Sofi

The Innovate! & Plenary Sessions of Webit.Festival Europe 2018 was chaired by EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda and Society Mariya Gabriel.

The stage of the Innovate! & Plenary Sessions shall welcome some of the worlds global leaders who shape the future now and who will be part of the discussions on how to re:Invent Europe's Future.



The First Companion Robot with advanced AI

Guile Lindroth
Realbotix, CTO


The Professional's Mapping Drone

Jean-Thomas Célette
senseFly, MD

Pocket Sky

Natural light energizer that helps with winter blues, jet lag and shift work.

Mark Wallerberger
Pocket sky, Co-Founder


Revolutionizing Unmanned Airborne Logistics and Manned Flight

Oriol Rafart
Malloy Aeronautics, CEO


Reliable and productive unmanned aerial vehicles with electric and gasoline propulsion.

Kiril Dimitrov
FragaX, CEO & Founder

Black Swan

Fully & semi autonomous satellite connected cargo drone.

Svilen Rangelov
Dronamics, Co-Founder


Wireless Power Network that enables battery-powered drones to recharge while still in flight.

Leonid Plekhanov
GET, CEO & President


Hoverbike that can traverse any terrain just a couple of feet off the ground.

Ansel Misfeldt
Flyt Aerospace, Founder


The only shoes for walking in VR that won’t let you bounce into a wall.

Michael Bieglmayer
Cybershoes, CEO


The plenary session will be organized around six major building blocks:

  • The big picture:
    What vision for a human-centred digital Europe in 2030-2050?
  • Building a democratic digital society:
    What place for values and culture in the Digital Age?
  • Investing in people:
    What priorities for digital skills and education?
  • Building the Gigabit society:
    What priorities for Infrastructure 4.0?
  • Protecting people and business:
    How to meet domestic and external challenges on Cybersecurity?
  • Empowering Women in Business and Politics:
    How digital can help to break the glass ceiling?

Other topics include

Innovation Brand Strategies Marketing Automation Digital/Tech Innovations Disruptive Tech Convergence Transforming the Economy Applications of (VR/AR)

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  • 43% Enterprise executives:
    CMOs, CTOs, CIOs;
  • 20% Ad / Media /
    Digital Agencies
  • 17% Tech Solution
  • 11% Entrepreneurs /
  • 09% Scientists
  • 84% Europe
  • 9% USA
  • 7% MENA
  • 5% Asia
  • 1% Rest of the World

First announced speakers include

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Why exhibit?

  • Direct access to top level marketers, digital transformation experts, entrepreneurs, founders, innovators, members of the academia and enterprise executives from Europe and all over the world
  • Access to business leaders from different industries, who need to advertise their products in the best way possible
  • Media Coverage
  • 1:1 meetings between some of the best marketers, digital transformation experts and AI/VR experts in the world and the business

Attending Companies


14th May


09:30 - 10:00 Opening Show

10:00 - 10:15 Opening Keynote

Dr. Plamen Russev
Webit Foundation / Founder & Chairman

10:16 - 10:31 Opening Keynote

Mariya Gabriel
European Commission / Commissioner Digital Economy & Society

10:32 - 10:37 Opening Keynote by Visa

Bill Gajda
VISA Inc. / Global Head, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation

10:38 - 10:53 Welcome Address

Yordanka Fandakova
Mayor of Sofia

10:54 - 11:04 Welcome Address

Rumen Radev
President of Bulgaria

11:05 - 11:20 Keynote: How digital transformation will change the aero space industry

Dirk Hoke
Airbus Defence and Space / Chief Executive Officer

11:21 - 11:36 Keynote by Visa

Bill Gajda
VISA Inc. / Global Head, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation

11:53 - 12:08 Keynote: Restoring Trust in a Digital World

Dan Johnson
Mastercard / Vice President

12:09 - 12:44 Panel discussion: Vision for Europe 2030 and protecting the people and the businesses

Dr. Plamen Russev
Webit Foundation / Founder & Chairman

Thomas Arnoldner
A1 Group / CЕО

Dirk Hoke
Airbus Defence and Space / Chief Executive Officer

Natalia Oropeza
Siemens / Chief CyberSecurity Officer

Eric Rasmussen
Infinitum Humanitarian Systems (IHS) / Chief Executive Officer

12:45 - 13:05 Keynote: PMI’s vision for a smoke free future

Andre Calantzopoulos
Philip Morris International / Chief Executive Officer

14:20 - 14:30 Demo: Cybershoes

Michael Bieglmayer
Cybershoes / CEO

15:02 - 15:39 Panel discussion: The Gigabit Society based on values and diversity

Rosen Plevneliev
Republic of Bulgaria / President of (2012 – 2017)

Randall Lane
Forbes / Editor and Chief Content Officer

Berna Ülman
VISA / Executive Director, South Eastern Europe

Sabine Everaet
Coca-Cola Company / CIO of EMEA

Sarah Bernuit
IBM iX / Digital Strategy & iX Growth Platform Leader for Europe

15:55 - 16:05 Demo: Augmented Reality

Prof. Shafi Ahmed
Medical Realities / Chief Medical Officer

Future of work

11:37 - 11:52 Keynote: Digital Darwinism and the world of Designed Empathy

Jesus Mantas
IBM / Managing Partner, Global Strategy, Offerings, Digital Innovation, M&A, GBS

13:06 - 13:21 Keynote: ​Future of Work

Paul Willmott
McKinsey & Co / Senior Partner & Founder of Digital McKinsey

13:33 - 13:48 Keynote: How Europe can prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s impact on the workforce (inclusive of re-training and education reform). How automation and AI effects the future of work

Guido Jouret
ABB Group / Chief Digital Officer

13:49 - 14:20 Panel discussion: Future of work and Innovation for Education

Yonov Frederick Agah
World Trade Organisation / Deputy Director-General

Mariya Gabriel
European Commission / Commissioner Digital Economy & Society

Joanna Riley
Censia / Co-Founder & CEO

Guido Jouret
ABB Group / Chief Digital Officer

Guido van Nispen
Publisher, Independent Advisor, Governance Executive

Jerry Yang
Hardware Club / General Partner

Mmantsetsa Marope
UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education / Director

Zornitsa Roussinova
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Bulgaria / Deputy Minister

Digital world

13:22 - 13:32 Demo: Companion Robot

Guile Lindroth
Realbotix / Chief Technology Officer

14:31 - 14:45 Keynote: Intelligent interconnectivity for People, Things, and Enterprises.

Sethu M
SAP Digital Interconnect / President

14:46 - 15:01 Keynote: Innovation at Amazon

Paul Misener
Amazon / Vice President

15:40 - 15:54 Keynote: Safeguarding our future society

Raj Samani
McAfee / Chief Scientist

16:06 - 16:29 Keynote + Demo: The future of healthcare

Stefan Vilsmeier
Brainlab / CEO

16:30 - 16:55 Panel discussion: Blockchain improving the state of well being

Ethan Pierse
CryptoAssets Institute | BorderlessVentures / Director | Founding Partner

Kohei Kurihara
Tokyo Chapter Governent Blockchain Association | CollaboGate / President | Chief Marketing Officer

Marc Taverner
Bitfury / Global Ambassador & Market Development

Armand Arton
Global Citizen Forum / Founder

16:56 - 17:07 Demo: Flying vehicle

Ansel Misfeldt
Flyt Aerospace / Founder

14:10 - 14:20 Demo: Cybershoes

Michael Bieglmayer
Cybershoes / CEO

Social Agenda

19:30 - 22:00 Webit Night Urban Summit (open to all Webit pass holders)

20:00 - 23:00 Black Tie Dinner (5 stage menu and finest Bulgarian wines) including Webit.Awards (only for Platinum Pass holders)

23:30 +         The Famous Webit.Party (open to all Webit pass holders)

15th May

Digital Transformation

10:24 - 10:39 Fireside Chat: The Evolution and Challenges Of The On-Demand Economy

Ralph Simon
Mobilium / Innovator, Founder

Oisin Hanrahan
Handy / Founder & Chief Executive Officer

10:56 - 11:06 Keynote: Digital Journey of Turkish Airlines

Mehmet Gurkaynak
Turkish Airlines / General Manager Bulgaria

11:07 - 11:22 Keynote: Innovate or die! – The future of retail.

Martin Wild
MediaMarktSaturn / Chief Innovation Officer

11:23 - 11:38 Keynote: Introduction to Quantum Computing

Bo Ewald
D-Wave Systems / President

11:39 - 11:54 Demo: How Drones disrupted the traditional geospatial (land management, mapping) as well as agriculture businesses by automation data collection and making a very manual task fully automated.

Jean-Thomas Célette
senseFly / Managing Director


11:55 - 12:10 Keynote: Introducing companies to this new art of the possible - AI, the math at an enormous scale.

Keith Strier
EY / Senior Partner

12:11 - 12:36 Fireside chat: ​Why and How Governments Are Taking Unprecedented Steps To Shape the Private Sector Adoption and Use of AI

Keith Strier
EY / Senior Partner

Wayne Grixti
Malta Digital Innovation Authority | MALTA.AI Taskforce / CTO, Chairman

13:07 - 13:32 Panel discussion: AI - the good, the bad and the ugly

Dr. Ben Goertzel
SingularityNET / CEO & Founder

Jesus Mantas
IBM / Managing Partner, Global Strategy, Offerings, Digital Innovation, M&A, GBS

Leah Hunter

Digital Transformation

13:33 - 13:48 Keynote: Brand safety in the era of programmatic: mission impossible?

Hristo Hristov
Netinfo / CEO

14:21 - 14:36 Keynote: Future of TV

Hristo Tuchev
H-Tech / Founder


10:40 - 10:55 Keynote: Build a successful data driven media organization in the current era

Karthic Bala
Condé Nast / Chief Data Officer

13:49 - 14:09 Keynote: how AI and Machine learning can help with brand safety.

John Montgomery
GroupM / EVP, Global Brand Safety

15:04 - 15:19 Keynote: Making brands famous in the world

Chuck Porter
Crispin Porter + Bogusky / Co-Founder & Chairman

15:36 - 15:51 Demo: In-flight wireless drone charging

Leonid Plekhanov
Global Energy Transmission Co. / Chief Executive Officer & President

15:52 - 16:07 Keynote

Prof. Rob Wolcott
Kellogg School of Management / Clinical Professor of Innovation


14:37 - 14:52 Keynote: Saving the Earth from Space

Rick Tumlinson
SpaceFund Inc. | EarthLight Foundation / Founder

14:53 - 15:03 Demo: Hoverbike

Oriol Badia Rafart
Malloy Aeronautics / CEO

16:24 - 16:39 Keynote: The search for Life in the Universe

Simon P. Worden
Breakthrough Prize Foundation / Chairman


16:51 - 17:21 Panel discussion: Investors point of view

Sriram Prakash
Deloitte / Global Lead, Innovation M&A and Venturing Services

Ralph Simon
Mobilium / Innovator, Founder

Gilad Novik
Lakestar / Partner

Hristo Stoykov
EIB / Head of Division for Growth Capital and Innovation Finance

Founder Games

17:30 - 18:30 Founders Games Finals & Awards Ceremony - Selecting the Winner of 200 000 EUR Cheque and the title of the best of the top 200 EU Startups

Social Agenda

19:30 - 22:00 Webit Night Urban Summit (open to all Webit pass holders)


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