Webit.Digital Entertainment
& Media Summit

13-15 May 2019, NDK, Sofia

About the Summit

Hear the breaking news and announcements from the Media & Entertainment Industry, join the global industry leaders and discuss the hottest topics in media and entertainment, outside of the clichés.

How digitalization transforms the content, media and entertainment industries?

New Content
  • E-sports
  • Short formats
  • Online videos
  • Show formats
  • Curated music and video
New Media
  • Content discovery
  • Smart advertisement
  • Supperaggregation
  • Music curation
  • Artificial Intelligence
New Entertainment
  • Online gaming
  • Virtual reality
  • Mind-controlled toys
  • Robotics
  • E-gambling
Social Impact
  • @FakeNews
  • New education
  • Content roaming
  • New generations & kids

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  • 40% Media & Content
    production executives
  • 30% Media Technology
  • 25% Telcos, Pay-TV operators and other
    content distributors
  • 05% Government, policy makers,

  • 84% Europe
  • 9% USA
  • 7% MENA
  • 5% Asia
  • 1% Rest of the World

First announced speakers include

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13th May

DEMS Day 1

20:00 - 23:30 Webit.DEMS exclusive networking reception, sponsored by Media Kind (invitation only event)

14th May


12:00 - 12:09 Keynote: Summit opening by the Webit.DEMS Chairman

Aniela Russeva
Webit.Foundation / SVP and Member of the Board

Stanislav Georgiev
Chairman Webit DEMS

12:10 - 12:29 Keynote: How to achieve broadcast quality for online video. What does this mean for the industry?

Thierry Fautier
UHD forum / President

12:30 - 13:09 Panel discussion: Pay-TV operators and telecoms - are the current content distribution models sustainable, or we are in an urgent need for adopting new models?

Chris Dziadul
Broadband TV News / Co-founder & Co-owner

Barış Zavaroglu
Turkcell / Media & Entertainment Director

György Zsembery
Volia / CEO

Simon "Max" Ziff
Bulsatcom EAD | Ziff-Ivin Associates Ltd / CEO

13:10 - 13:29 Fireside Chat: If Content is The King, Drama is The Queen - The Case for Timeless Drama Channel

Elena Petrova
A1 Telekom Austria Group / Head of Global Sales A1 Broadcasting

Haymi Behar
SPI International | FilmBox / Chief Marketing Officer

13:30 - 13:39 Keynote: LiveTVdata - key to successful 360° marketing strategy

Hristo Tuchev
H-Tech / Founder

13:40 - 14:29 Networking Break

14:30 - 14:49 Fireside Chat: How to create cutting-edge Millennial content in the age of hyper-connectivity. Telekom Electronic Beats case study.

Derek Opperman
Telekom Electronic Beats / Chief Editor

Kathleen Karrer
Deutsche Telekom AG / International Market Communications

14:50 - 15:09 Keynote: Discovery beyond Meta-data

Arash Pendari
Vionlabs / Founder and Creative Director

15:10 - 15:49 Panel Discussion: Thematic linear TV - evolution of the genres, adapting the models in the times of digital transformation.

Chris Dziadul
Broadband TV News / Co-founder & Co-owner

Emma Jones
Viasat World / VP Commercial Affairs

Gregory Dorcel

György Bálint
AMC Networks International CEE / Director of AMC Adria

Ekaterina Mihajlovic
Discovery Inc / Senior Manager Commercial Projects for CEEMCA

15:50 - 16:09 Networking break

16:10 - 16:39 Keynote: E-sports for wider audiences - how to tackle the desired target group in an authentic way

Torsten Haux
ESL / VP Global Media Rights

16:40 - 16:59 Keynote: What does 5G mean for consumers and operators?

Maria Rua Aguete
IHS Markit / Executive Director

17:00 - 18:00 Happy Hour: Gin & tonic tasting, sponsored by Playbox NEO

Social Agenda

19:30 - 22:00 Webit Night Urban Summit (open to all Webit pass holders)

20:00 - 23:00 Black Tie Dinner (5 stage menu and finest Bulgarian wines) including Webit.Awards (only for Platinum Pass holders)

23:30 +         The Famous Webit.Party (open to all Webit pass holders)

15th May


10:00 - 10:39 Panel discussion: Demystifying the UHD HDR delivery. Rationale standards and compatibility of this next-level user experience.

Thierry Fautier
UHD forum / President

Ingmar Schmidt
Swisscom TV / Senior TV Portfolio Manager

Amos Rozenberg
Paramax Films / CEO, Founder

Gavin Ho
Insight TV / Technical Director

Dan Akrich
iKOMG / AVP Sales Western Europe & Africa

10:40 - 11:19 Panel discussion: Superaggregation - next phase evolution or yet another disruption? What are the strategic choices laid out in front of the telcos, operators, broadcasters and content houses?

Stanislav Georgiev
Chairman Webit DEMS

Maria Rua Aguete
IHS Markit / Executive Director

Ingmar Schmidt
Swisscom TV / Senior TV Portfolio Manager

Charles Dawes
TiVo / Senior Director, International Marketing

11:20 - 11:59 Panel discussion: Content acquisition in times of abundance and changed consumer behaviour

Stanislav Georgiev
Chairman Webit DEMS

Marijana Vukašinović
Telekom Srbija / Head of Content Management

Szilvia Kiss
Telekom Hungary / Senior Manager

Irena Battelino
Telekom Slovenije / Head Content & Media Marketing Services

Elena Panova
One Vip Macedonia / Residential Sales Director and Marketing Director

12:00 - 12:29 Fireside Chat: Launching a music streaming app - global vs. local challenges, rights management - case study A1 Xplore Music & Muzikata BG

Velizar Sokolov
ARSIS Consulting / Managing Partner

Pinie Wang
Xplore Music / Editor in Chief

Bobby Ivanchev
VTY Music / CEO

12:30 - 13:39 Lunch Break

13:40 - 13:59 Keynote: Run for the Diamonds! How to build a successful YouTube business

Valentin Pintilescu
LooLooKids / Development Manager

14:00 - 14:19 Keynote: QUO VADIS TV?

Marin Ćurković
AdScanner / Co-Founder & CEO

14:20 - 14:59 Panel discussion: TV measurements and targeted advertisement - should and could the status-quo of the media advertisement industry be disrupted?

Dobromira Boyadzieva
Arthur D. Little’ TIME practice / Senior Manager

Kristian Ćurković
AdScanner / Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Stéphane Printz
FreeWheel / Sr. Regional Director Northern Europe

15:00 - 15:40 Panel discussion: Closing session: Industry trends - the Webit.DEMS committee's roundtable

Stanislav Georgiev
Chairman Webit DEMS

Chris Dziadul
Broadband TV News / Co-founder & Co-owner

Maria Rua Aguete
IHS Markit / Executive Director

Thierry Fautier
UHD forum / President

Founder Games

17:30 - 18:30 Founder Games Finals & Awards Ceremony (at Plenary session stage)

Social Agenda

19:30 - 22:00 Webit Night Urban Summit (open to all Webit pass holders)


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