Matt Lowe

Matt Lowe

CEO and founder of performance-io and CMO @ Artmatr

Networker, broker, influencer, and experienced digital ambassador and communications advocate, Matt is passionate about accelerating growth and innovation in healthcare through use of new technologies and modern day communications disciplines. He provides high-end consultancy to many C-suite executives and fortune 500 healthcare companies, building integrated brand engagement strategies on forensic insights that deliver measurable outcomes impacting the lives of millions. A judge on several awards networks, a regular contributor to many leading publications and regular keynote speaker he also provides advice for a number of start-ups, is a faculty member at BartsXMedicine and sits on the Advisory Board for Webit Health, the single most influential digital economy, tech, policy & startup event for Europe in 2018. 

Having joined the Board of an integrated network group, in 2015 he founded and launched the world’s first health specialist SEO and SEM company out of London and NY. 

Passionate about mental wellness, people and productivity he is a Board member for the Hatch supported PeaceLove Foundation, and through his Marketing agency he provides pro bono solutions to ensure as many people as possible help create peace of mind. With faith in people, technology and the marriage of the two, Matt also advises for Artmatr, a pioneering company that are developing next level technologies that sit at the nexus of art, engineering and robotics. Artmatr have several labs and incubators that allow engineers and artists to collaborate to find new solutions in health, art and engineering that are the driving force for the next great crossover of our time, (digital art and physical art) and are helping people with disabilities to express their creativity through technology.

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