Webit Awards25 April 2017

Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Industry

Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Industry is our annual recognition for unparalleled achievement in promoting the development of technology advancements.

This includes various business and government leaders, that have contributed to the overall business and entrepreneurial climate in the digital world.

During the Webit Awards Ceremony we will reward the Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Industry only for Bulgaria.

Winner for Bulgaria

Rossen Plevneliev


This award category is open to business leaders and policy makers with proven contribution to the development of digital industry in Bulgaria.

The award entrants must demonstrate that the entry has promoted technology advancements during and up to the end of 2016.

We welcome entries from the public and private sector. The following entrants are examples for eligible candidates, due to the nature of this award, it is by no means exhaustive:
- Politicians
- Business leaders
- Public figures


The winner will be selected according to the following criteria:
- Successful work in the promotion of the digital industry development
- Raising awareness about the stats of the digital economy in Bulgaria
- Achievements that have helped in shaping the local digital industry

Entry Deadlines & Key Dates

The Deadline for entries is Friday, 31st March 2017

Winners will be announced at the Webit Awards Ceremony in Sofia Tech Park on 25th April 2017