Webit Awards25 April 2017

Best Insurance and Finance Mobile App

Best Insurance and Finance Mobile App recognizes the most effective applications of mobile service, that removes the location restrictions and gives the customer access to wealth management and insurance no matter where.

This includes various customer oriented online wallet and insurance apps that are emerging through the use of mobile technology.

During the Webit Awards Ceremony, we will reward the Best Insurance and Finance App both for Bulgaria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Winner for Bulgaria

Generali Insurance AD


This award category is open to insurance companies, financial services providers and their application developers.

The award entrants must demonstrate that the app has been developed, operated or been available during and up to the end of 2016.

We welcome entries from the private, insurance and financial sector. The following organisations are examples for eligible candidates, due to the nature of this award, it is by no means exhaustive:
- Application & Software Developers
- Insurance Companies
- Financial Services Providers


The winner will be selected according to the following criteria:
- Uniqueness and of the app concept and capabilities
- Ability to transform mutiple and complex capabilities into simple user interface
- Quality of design - is it compelling and high-quality
- Sustainability of the app (growth opportunities)
- Makes good use of mobility and network resources and capabilities
- User interface - design, appeal, stickiness
- Utilisation of device hardware
- Security protocols and systems used in the developement of the app
- All entries must be operating and available during and/or until the end of 2016

Entry Deadlines & Key Dates

The Deadline for entries is Friday, 31st March 2017

Winners will be announced at the Webit Awards Ceremony in Sofia Tech Park on 25th April 2017