The Foundation

“Digital Border” Foundation mission is to promote the leadership culture and to develop the leadership potential, including but not limited to Bulgaria. The team believes that the leadership is an important aspect of the economic, social and cultural development of the civil society in Bulgaria and worldwide. This is the reason series of events to be organized, including WEBIT.FESTIVAL - with the purpose to be shared experiences, ideas and any other kind of materials about leadership, entrepreneurship and technology, which are valuable and useful for the development of our society. WEBIT.FESTIVAL, organized by the "Digital Border" Foundation is the most influential and major event for digitization and technology in Europe for the past eight years.

Next edition of Webit in Bulgaria is WEBIT.FESTIVAL and it is focused on Europe. The event will take place between 18th and 20th of June in Valencia. It consists of several parallel conferences and events, practical workshops, panel discussions on specific topics and an exposure.

The program includes Technology Conference, Marketing Conference, Innovation and Software Conference. A special area of the festival will be devoted to different startups in the country and Europe. The program includes a conference for entrepreneurs, meetings with investors, Academy for startups and a special stage, where over 150 founders will present their companies to a panel of investors, the media and leaders of fortune 500 corporations.

Over 450 amazing speakers - innovators, the best in digital and technology companies, brands and Fortune 500 global managers, founders, investors and politicians are joining the speakers at the event as well as a large number of international medias.

From the perspective of the economic development of Spain crucial importance are the so called Founders Games, through which startups can present their projects to investors through various means such as expo tables, presentations and others during the different parts of the event. In the upcoming months will be selected up to 200 startups in three stages - early, first funding stage and growth.

WEBIT.FESTIVAL provides the startups free expo table and 600 free tickets. The ranked startups will have access to all parts of WEBIT.FESTIVAL.

Giving a boost to start-ups, the foundation fulfills its mission to support the economic growth of our society. WEBIT.FESTIVAL is the only place where the start-up entrepreneurs meet investors, reporters, executives and technical directors of the largest and most innovative companies in the world along with global and regional advertisers. Hundreds of accredited medias are also present.