Thomas Ecker

tecnet equity / Senior investment manager

Thomas Ecker

As senior investment manager of tecnet equity, Thomas Ecker is primarily active in the field of information and communication technologies. At tecnet equity, he has been responsible for the acquisition and analysis of, and negotiation with prospective portfolio companies. He supports existing investments and monitors exits. In addition, Mr. Ecker is in charge of deal flow generation and sits on advisory boards of various portfolio companies.

After several years in the tourism and computing industries (most recently at Austrian Airlines), Mr. Ecker held different positions in the IT industry. He joined the financial industry in 1997 as an analyst with one of the first private equity companies in Austria (G&H Kapitalpartner AG). During that time, he was employed in both the corporate finance department (IPO and M&A activities in Austria and abroad) and in the private equity funds department (€15 millions). When UBF Mittelstandsfinanzierungs AG was founded in 2000, Mr. Ecker held the position of investment manager with the incorporation of the BA-CA Private Equity Group (responsible for a total fund volume of up to €192 million). At UBF, Mr. Ecker mainly focused on investments in the information, communication, and telecommunication industries. 

Beyond a secondary education with a specialisation in computer science, he had a log career in IT (software) and the tourism industry (as a travel agent and working for Austrian Airlines) before moving into the area of financing in 1997. Mr. Ecker spent several semesters studying international business administration at the University of Vienna and at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh. He is a certified portfolio and fund manager (CPM©) and has participated in courses of the Austrian Association for Financial Analyses and Asset Management (ÖVFA).


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