Health Security Global Challenge

Webit is reaching out to our community around the world. Over 800,000 of the brightest and bravest innovators, digerati, inventors, investors, journalists and policy makers!

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is already a global threat to human kind. It is unbelievable the speed and the efficiency of the spread of the virus.

We need a solution and we need it now!

At Webit we are committed to improving the state of today and creating the desirable future together. Our collaborative approach has resulted in establishing a Global Impact Committee and involving world forward thinkers and leaders to work together on finding solutions for industry and policy challenges and supporting open innovation.

Today we reach out to the entire Webit community to unite and to search for a solution for one of the world's most pressing challenges - the Coronavirus and we announce the Health Security Global Challenge!

We hope a COVID-19 vaccine and successful treatment are soon to be introduced, but with the support of Webit global community we would like to address and endorse tech solutions for health safety and security. We also believe there are many already such existing solutions and we would like to support them by endorsing, funding and helping them scale.

Webit is already hosting the world's biggest startup challenge - the Founders Games which attracts over 4500 company applications from all around the world and $1 Million award pool.

Today we announce the Health Security Global Challenge as a tool to search solutions for health safety and security and primary focused today to solutions related to scaling down the outbreak of COVID-19.

Please help us!

1) The search for global health safety solutions is open.
2) If you want to support out efforts and join as a partner - please contact us
3) If you want to fund a prize, please contact Elina G. at
4). Sharing this information with your network and community so we may reach out to more global leaders, innovators and solution makers.

It is in times of crises and darkness when values are our guiding light and when leadership must be more a stewardship.

I call the Global Webit Community to unite and send a beam of light and hope for a solution to the world!

Dr. Plamen Russev
Executive Chairman of the Board, Webit.Foundation | | LinkedIn | Twitter

Pitch your company in front of:

More to be announcedin the following months

Application Process

Step 1 You



Step 2 Webit



Step 3 You

Collaborative approach
to the problem

Takes 1-2 weeks

Step 4 Webit


A dew days

Step 5 You

Global endorsement
and invitation to present
at Webit Festival

If you are among the selected participants, you will be entitled to the following:

  • Global endorsement to all Webit community and introductons to the committee and community members
  • One day exhibition booth at Webit.Festival
  • Participation in the Founders Games Pitches on stage in front of attendees and investors' jury
  • Access to Webit Networking app
  • Access to Webit conference agenda
  • Access to exhibition floor
  • Access to workshops
  • Ability to contact attendees
  • Ability to request investor meetings
  • Access to mentor meetings
  • Access to Webit Fiesta
  • Support via email

Join more than 500 investors

Family offices, corporate ventures and best accelerators from all around the world @ Webit.Festival Europe and the Founders Games.

450+ top speakers

Including presidents, CEOs of some of the world's largest innovation companies, thought leaders and beautiful minds, investors and inventors. Find the list of first confirmed speakers here.

Special 1:1 meetings

Webit’s Business Speed Dating: 1 hour, investors & startups get together, one on one, to receive the best out of both worlds.

Startup Academy and Venture Summit

Webit.Foundation is more than speaking, more than judging - we wish to provide startups with the best tools to help them sell their idea with the encouragement and guidelines provided by our speakers.

Startup Village

Put your company (product or service) in front of all 15,000+ attendees of the Festival. Exhibit and present your product/service in front of 500+ investors and thousands of corporate partners.

Startup Tours

Take a stroll through the alleys of the Startup Village and immerse in what’s new and who’s who in Europe’s tech scene.

Mentors Area

The Mentors Area is where startup founders connect with investors, CEOs, CxOs, mentors from large corporations, media and industry experts in specific verticals.

The opportunity

WEBIT.FESTIVAL will provide startups with a free expo table and 600 free expo tickets.

The startups that qualify shall have access to all attendees of WEBIT.FESTIVAL - the major and most influential tech and digital global event.


The selection is made on 5 major milestones:

- Team capacity - 10 points
- Project Scalability - 10 points
- Business approach - 10 points
- Marketing approach - 10 points
- Uniqueness of the idea - 10 points

Your value

WEBIT.FESTIVAL is the only place where you and your startup may connect with the CEOs, Presidents,Board Members, Senior executives and CxOs of Mastercard, Google, Airbus, Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Siemens, SAP, Microsoft, S4 capital, Dubai Holding, Lamborghini, IBM, Mars, European Investment Fund, DXC Tech, Adobe, Trend Micro, Telefonica, Pfizer, Novartis, ARM, Enel, ING Group, Ripple, DHL, Sberbank, UEFA, Bitdefender, IPSOS, Kudelski Security, Sixt Se, DJI, Interbrand, NAGRA, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Alcatel-Lucent, GE Healthcare, Humanitas, ESL, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, Mckinsey, Deloitte, Bitcoin, Xerox, ConseSys, Red Points, du, Fudjitzu, Ericsson, Nokia, Edelman, Shiphol, British Telecom, Ford, British Petroleum, Invest India, BT Sport, Turkcell, Mclaren Racing, sovereign funds, fund of funds, venture funds to name some of the thousands.

Hundreds of accredited journalists from all over the world will be present during WEBIT.FESTIVAL, searching for the next great startup. At the event you may meet and connect with editors in chief, editors and correspondents from The Economist, Forbes, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera, Business Insider, CoinTelegraph, Mashable, Huffington post, Forbes Middle East, BBC, Wired, NBC, Fortune, Press Trust of India (PTI), MBC GROUP, VentureBeat, Recode, Decode, CGTN America, CGTN America, Euronews, Fast Company, the Guardian, New York Times, Rolling Stone, Condé Nast, TechCrunch, How-To Geek, PMCMTV, BBC World, XING News, The Foreign Desk, New Europe, Euroactive, AI Business, Irish Tech News, Bloomberg, Daily Mail, Adweek, Inc. Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Corriere della Sera, The Ken, CNN TECH, eWEEK, Thomson Reuters among the others .

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to thank you for taking the participation in The Founders Games and the Startup Expo. Postponing the event will allow us to provide you with the best possible experience at the Webit.Festival, an experience that is absolutely safe most of all. Your participation with us remains guaranteed with us and the stand will be secured for the newly announced dates.

In case of full cancellation, Webit.Foundation will reimburse the full amount paid in a maximum period of two weeks after the cancellation has been officially announced.
Founders Games is the growth program of Webit.Festival available for companies with funding of $500K - $20M. It is a special, invitation-only program, with focus on high growth and high potential companies. During the years, Founders Games has become one of the world’s biggest startup competitions connecting startups with investors, partners and media. $1 Million is the prize pool which Webit.Foundation has raised from private investors and our exclusive partner Microsoft for Startups as prizes for the startup finalists and the winner of the Founders Games in our 2019 edition!
All of the selected startups shall receive 3 Pro tickets with access to all the festival's parallel summits, events and workshops, an expo stand for a day at the Festival + the opportunity to get selected for the Founders Games pitches in front of investors and a selected jury. Startup members can also participate in the 1:1 meetings with investors and VC representatives and receive guidance and advice from our speakers, investors, VCs and businessers speaking on the stages of Webit's Startup Academy and Growth Summit.
Pre-seed, Post Seed and Growth Stage startups founded less than 8 years ago are all welcome to apply. You can check on the different startup verticals and see if they fit your company’s product or service.
Each startup has 6 minutes on stage: 3 minutes pitch presentation and 3 minutes Q&A session in front of the investors’ jury and attendees. The startups with maximum points from the jury and the investors providing the award will go to the finals and have a second pitch on stage with the closing ceremony. The winner shall be announced after the investors providing the award advise and select the winner/s.
Our team will contact you once the selection part is over. A few weeks before the Festival we close the application process so that startups will have the time to prepare and for the schedule to be set.
A schedule with detailed agenda about all the Festival’s parallel summits, startup pitches, workshops and partner events is published on Webit’s website.

We recommend arriving on the first day of the Festival when registration opens in order to get acknowledged with the event venue and avoid waiting in lines.

Though there’s no expo and conference agenda on that day, there are a number of things planned such as the night Urban Summit opening and the Startup Academy. Leaving is at best and if convenient planned after the Founders Games finals and closing ceremony on the last day of the conference.

You can freely explore the Festival, have meetings, food and drinks and fun but it’s advisable to have a representative from your team at your stand at (almost) all times.

  • Get acknowledged with the big picture on what’s happening and where - agenda, venue and different things happening simultaneously in order to take the best out for you in terms of your interests and needs.
  • Practice your pitch, in front of people, mirrors, yourself or even your cat. You'll have 3 minutes to persuade the attendees and investors’ jury (present and online), why your idea should be in their hearts and minds and why it deserves to be a winner. Make it clear and convincing.
  • Do some research. You can check the speakers, investors and all attendees of Webit and prepare with background information and cool conversation starters.
  • Explore the Festival properly well as well as the city of Webit.
  • Go out and about, meet and talk to people. Personal outreach is encouraged more than the virtual one :)
  • Get some rest. The Webit party needs you fit, in high power and energy levels.
  • Bring a friend or three. Events are better when shared with a company.
  • Laptop, tablets, screens.
  • Demo of your product if applicable.
  • Print and ad materials, posters, stickers, lights, wine and anything you can think of to provide attendees with and properly catch their attention.
  • Business cards
  • A big smile and camera to take pictures when on stage, off stage and everywhere you feel like it.
  • Lots of positive energy!
As a non-profit, Webit Foundation is unable to cover travel and accommodation costs for startups other than the discount grant for participation. We're striving to build a bridge between the enterprise and startup worlds and to get these two forces’ mutual benefit and collaboration.

The Winner
of Founders Games Europe 2019

WeFarm - creators of the world’s largest farmer to farmer digital network. The social enterprise that empowers small-scale farmers connect with each other to solve problems, share ideas, and spread innovation. Utilising the latest machine learning technology, WeFarm’s service works both online and over SMS.

WeFarm raised $13 million
for just 3 months after Webit
and the round was oversubscribed!

The Finalists:

The amount of this year's prize pool is unprecedented worldwide as well as the number of 4078 applications. Webit received by startups from all around the world (120 countries)! All finalists received a cheque of $120.000 each from Microsoft for Startups.

TestCard is a medtech enterprise that has created a “Postcard” with an embedded, pull-out urine test. Meanwhile, an accompanying mobile app provides an immediate result to give the patient a real time awareness about its health status.

Plant-e produces electricity with living plants. While plants are growing, electricity can directly be generated without harvesting the plant. The technology has been developed into early products for decentralized lighting purposes and sensoring.

Diasyst is delivering solutions to simplify diabetes management based on decades of clinical research and proven approaches at Emory University/Healthcare and the Atlanta VA Medical Center. By streamlining complex workflows for the healthcare team, Diasyst is loved by both patients and care teams, and it produces real outcomes without the need for outsourcing management to expensive third-party solutions.

Bruce makes staffing and recruitment easy. For companies we provide a cost-effective option, delivering intelligent candidate matching, reactivity and screening simplicity. For job seekers we are a platform that fits their needs, mobile and easy to use, helping them to boost their careers.

Tiliter teaches checkouts to recognize products without barcodes. Using artificial intelligence our patented system can detect any fruit or vegetable placed in front of the device. Automating the checkout process, saving customers time, reducing checkout lines, reducing plastic waste and optimizing supermarket efficiency.