Webit.Tech Fiesta

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Webit is so much more than just a conference
about technology and innovation.

Webit is is a gathering of technology enthusiasts that puts people in the centre of our world.
We foster communication in our incredible community, by providing unique opportunity for networking and having fun among some of world’s top leaders. Join one of the most exclusive social agendas in such events.

Beach Welcome Party

Join us for few opening keynotes by some of the world’s top leaders, a firework show and an amazing party that will give a kickstart to Webit.Festival Europe 2020.

Webit Night Fiesta

Webit turns the beautiful street of Valencia into an Urban Happening Playground for music and art events, flash mobs, meet ups and bar crawling!

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Paella Night

After the first day of Webit we will have a chill night on the beach. Gathered around the fire, we will learn to cook the famous Paella Valenciana during dedicated workshops and get an unique networking opportunity in a calm atmosphere on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Official Webit Party

The Famous Webit Party will give you the chance to connect with our attendees, speakers and special guests in an informal setting between the days of the festival.

Feel Alive Party

After spending amazing 3 days together, we will gather for one last time to show the world we are ready to have some more fun. During the Feel Alive Party a Webit statue will be built by one of the most famous Spanish artists. And it will be built to be burn! We will summon the spirit of the famous Las Fallas Festival festival and burn down the huge structure to honor the local tradition that is live in Valencia from hundreds of years.

Webit Tech Regatta

During Webit Tech Regatta top entreprises in the world will dive into an great sailing experience and compete to honor their companies.

This will be a unique opportunity to for Webit visitors to enjoy such experience and to see which of the technology giants are also competitive enough in the water when nature is not under their control :) Let’s bet who’s boat is faster!

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Experience Zones

Webit is not just another corporate technology event - it is an amazing festival that presents a mix of opportunities for diverse experiences in an out of the box environment. This year, we have build 3 dedicated Experience Zones that are exclusively curated for the event and will help in the quest for developing your social skills.

In the Dark Zone

Our In the Dark Zone is a closed space where you can upgrade your team play skills, going through different challenges with friends or attendees you don’t know. Harness your senses and complete various quests that will help you work better with others and become a leader of a team of people with bright minds.

Q&A Zone

Our Q&A Zone’s purpose is to form groups of people that think alike and foster the communication between them. We will display various questions about the future on huge projectors and will give you multiple options to choose from. After answering, each participant will be able to go to the dedicated space and discuss the topic with people that chose the same answer. Because great minds often think alike!

Meditation and Collaboration Zone

Webit is not just about technology, but also about spirit and soul. We truly believe that our inner balance is a key component in the recipe for our future success. In our Meditation and Collaboration Zone you will be able to experience great practices for releasing your spirit and opening your mind while collaborating with others.