The event is quite impressive and professionally organized exposition with very promising conference agenda. Webit is definitely a place to be.

Stephan Noller - CEO,

Webit is a very successful expo and conference. It's very exciting to see how vibrant it is and to see how much enthusiasm there is for the fast-developing world of digital advertising in CEE. I think Webit is excellent and I'm really enjoying myself.
Tom Bowman – Vice President Strategy & Operations, Global Advertising Sales, BBC Worldwide

I think Webit is great. Anytime you can bring together a large group of individuals who have interest in the digital space and you can advance the conversation it is a great opportunity. That's what Webit is definitely doing here.
Chris Copeland - CEO, GroupM Search 

I'm very excited to be at Webit, I think it's a great event and the marketplace is ready for it. This is it's second year and we're glad to be a part of it.
Blake Chandlee – Vice President APAC, LATAM & CEEMEA, Facebook

Webit is a fascinating event and I'm amazed at the level of people that have been attracted to it and its size. It's a real breakthrough event for Central and Eastern Europe and I'm excited to be a part of it.
Andy Fisher - Executive Vice President & Global Head of Analytics, Starcom MediaVest Group

I think Webit is fantastic and well organized. There's a lot of great companies here, which is very important to push and promote digital and Internet for Central and Eastern Europe.
Neil Hughston – Managing Partner, Grey London

Webit is a terrific event, I love it! It's good to have a conference, gathering Eastern Europe to having Western insight on the Internet and Mobile.
Bruce Hoang – Head of International Media Reaserch, Orange

I'm quite impressed that the trend, which was set last year, continues. It's very exciting to see that the industry keeps on evolving and that Webit attracts a growing number of people. It really great!
Diego Semprun - Managing Director Emerging Markets, Nielsen Online

I think Webit is brilliant, really impressive! I was here last year and it's got even better. Great line-up, great speakers, really well done.
Alex Marks - Head of International Business Marketing, eBay

I think Webit is a fantastic event, very excited to be here. I'm very encouraged by the depth and quality of the delegates and particularly by the wide range of attendees. It's fantastic to see the advertising ecosystem in one place.
Nick Wiggin – Head of Advertising Strategy & Partnership, Ericsson

I'm delighted to be here, it's really amazing. You guys are doing great stuff, there is no other event for the CEE digital industry. It's great to see so many friends from the mobile industry around the globe, almost all major players are here. These people and these companies have high expectations for the region and they not only sell products and services, but also educate and raise awareness.
Arda Kertmelioglu – Co-Founder & CMO, Mobilera

This is my first time at Webit and I think it's great to have an international event for the CEE markets, because clearly these are the growth markets. It's a great and well-organized event.
Andy Chen – Vice President Digital Sales & Media, MTV Networks International
I was here last year and was already surprised. This year the quality of the speakers is better and the topics are more relevant. I think Webit, as an event for the region and in general, on worldwide level, is fantastic.
Marcus Hartwall – Media Director, Nova TV

What I've seen during Webit is very, very interesting and I'm really looking forward to see more.
Mike Stapelfeld – International Digital Director, Omnicom Media Group

Excellent organization and impressive lecturer line-up. I'm really honoured to be here.
Jakub Oleksy – Business Development Manger for CEE, Smart AdServer

I want to thank the organizers for having me here. What struck me is how aggressive and enthusiastic you are about growing and developing the digital industry across the CEE region.
Anthony Psacharopoulos - Senior Vice President, comScore Inc.

Webit boasts some great speakers and delegates. The event is very well run and organized and I'm glad to be here.
Marvin Liao – Commercial Director Expansion Markets, Yahoo!

I think CEE is obviously a very exciting and vibrant market. One of the things I like about this part of the world is that some of the creativity and experimentation gives lessons to other parts of the world, which are perhaps more developed.
Russell Buckley – Vice President Global Alliances, AdMob – Google

Webit is a quite huge event with very good participants and quite many visitors. I find it very interesting and I'm really surprised at the scale of the event.
Sergey Novikov - Head of EEMEA Research Center (GReAT), Kaspersky Lab

Webit is always an enjoyable event. Coming to Central an Eastern Europe is often refreshing for me. It is spontaneous and gives a sense of hospitality and friendship, which is sometimes lost in Western Europe. There is a strong sense of professionalism, everything is well-organized. It is always a pleasure coming back and I hear it form all the speakers. We participate in may different events around the globe, so we have a benchmark. Well done and continue to keep the quality at that level.
Alain Heureux – Chairman of the Webit Ambassadors Honorary Board, President & CEO of IAB Europe

I'm really impressed with Webit! There's a lot of activity going on and what I like a lot is that Webit is the place to be if you want to find out what is happening in CEE.
Eric Kip - Chief Commercial Officer, Blyk

It's great to be here. Webit present an excellent opportunity to meet representatives from around the region and exchange ideas on what the industry will look like in the future and the current trends.
Ana-Maria David - Head of Sales, HotNews.ro

My impressions about Webit are very positive. There seems to be a lot of energy at the venue, which is great, some interesting exhibitions and good discussions.
Alex Dale - GM for Microsoft Consumer & Online in Central & Eastern Europe

Webit is a very friendly event and I'm happy to be here.
Calin Rotarus – Webit Ambassador, Managing Director of ARBOinteractive Romania

I like Webit for two main reasons. This is a conference for our region and it gives the opportunity to learn a lot of new things.
Vuksan Rajkovic - International Sales, Domain .ME

I'm absolutely impressed by the event! We're supporting Webit for the second year in a row because we believe this is a forum that should be developed. It gathers the whole industry together and conveys messages and thus promotes the development of the digital market.
Christo Tuchev - Business Development Director, Interactive Media Services

Webit is a great place to be ! It provides a great opportunity to share your knowledge and learn from others as well.
Grzegorz Slawatynski – CEE Regional Director, Behavia, Goldbach

Webit is an exciting event ! I'm impressed by the whole set-up, there are some very exciting speakers and there's a real buzz about the whole place.
Giles Palmer - Owner&CEO, Brandwatch

I'm impressed and at the same time proud that during Webit, Bulgaria seems to be the focal point of some of the most innovative thinking around Europe. I really hope that the event will spur a lot of new ideas.
Nikolai Nedelchev - Webit Ambassador for Bulgaria; CEO, Publicis MARC Group

There's a really good organization going on and I'm looking forward to seeing all the great speakers and learning new things.
Onur Kabudayi – Product Manager, Hurriyet

Webit's second edition is even more interesting than the first one, a very high-level event.
Lyubomir Lekov – Chairman of the Board, Investor.bg

Webit is one of the largest industry meetings in Europe and I think we need this kind of meetings to exchange ideas and share information here in CEE.
Ionut Oprea - Executive Director of IAB Romania and Manger at Standout

I was here last year too and Webit is a great event!
Alexandru Iosef - Managing partner, iMedia

I'm very excited as this is my first time in CEE and it's great to see so many people here at Webit, especially people who are running web businesses and building the start-up and technology scene.
Rand Fishkin - Co-founder & CEO, SEOmoz.org

Webit is very professionally organized, with very engaging sessions. There is huge number of people here and and the atmosphere is great.
Steven Van Belleghem - Managing partner at InSites Consulting