Dr. Plamen Russev

Dr. Plamen Russev

Webit Speaker, Founder and Executive Chairman, Webit.Foundation / Serial entrepreneur | Futurist | Philanthropist | Investor with over 30 years experience in tech and investments (direct and as LP)

Dr. Plamen Russev is a venture capitalist, futurist and philanthropist with 30 years experience in tech (with several exits) and investment world.

He is committed to investing and supporting proven, high growth, technology-enabled businesses generating social and environmental change alongside.

Dr. Russev has founded the first publicly listed Investmet company (Webit Investment Network - BSE:WIN) to fund the worlds biggest investment award of the Founders Games. The WIN IPO was a huge success with over 2,43 times oversubscription by over 750 investors from the Webit community.

Plamen is a community builder curating one of the world’s biggest communities of founders, investors, innovators, digerati and policymakers from all around the world gathered together under the Webit flag. Webit was founded back in 2008 and has grown into one of the most powerful tools for establishing cities and countries as global innovation hubs and magnets for global talents.

Website: Russev.com