Hristo Tuchev

Hristo Tuchev

Webit Speaker, H-Tech / Founder

Hristo Tuchev is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in television, advertising and IT. Hristo is founder of H-Tech – a company which deployed their automatic video and audio recognition technology to monitor in real time every TV ad across 2000+ TV channels on 3 continents. H-Tech operates the service which is being used by a number of ad-tech companies around the world.

Hristo is a former managing partner of Interactive Media Services- the biggest Bulgarian sports TV production company. In the course of the 13 years of his leadership the company produced more than 13 500 hours of live TV programs for all major broadcasters in the country.

He is the former director of advertising of M-Tel – the biggest Bulgarian mobile operator (now A1). Under his leadership the brand M-Tel was created and the company grew from 250 000 to 2,5 mil. subscribers.

Hristo Tuchev is alumni of Harvard Business School and chairman of the Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi Foundation