Master classes

Masterclass: Successful sales online

During his Webit 2010 Master Class, Martin Newman will share lots of practical hints and tips, that will help you to:  
  • increase your sales;
  • improve the number of units you sell per transaction;
  • make faster sales;
  • avoid some of the typical issues, that occur in developing markets;
  • uplift all the key performance indicators;
  • drive a huge improvement in the performance of your online business;
  • drive a more engaging website and improve the user experience.
posted 30.August.2010

Advanced SEO and social media masterclass

After this Mastercalss you will know:
  • what are the Human Goals of Searching;
  • how to determine the Searcher Intent: A Challenge for Both Marketers and Search Engines;
  • how People Search;
  • how Search Engines Drive Commerce on the Web;
  • how Users Scan Results Pages - Eye Tracking;
  • and most of all you will hear special techniques and great ideas you may start implementing for you online success immediately after the masterclass.
posted 30.August.2010