Masterclass: Successful sales online

Martin Newman
E-commerce consultant, CEO at Practocology

During this Webit 2010 Master Class you will gain valuable practical knowledge, that will help you to:  
  • increase your sales;
  • improve the number of units you sell per transaction;
  • make faster sales;
  • uplift all the key performance indicators;
  • drive a huge improvement in the performance of your online business;
  • drive a more engaging website and generate more traffic;
  • avoid some of the typical issues, that occur in developing markets.
Martin Newman is one of the few multi-channel marketing experts in the world that boast such a vast experience in different retail channels, including direct mail, call centers, e-commerce and mobile. During Webit 2010 he will share his valuable knowledge and experience on using different channels. Both marketing agencies and the business as a whole will benefit greatly from attending this Masterclass.

Martin is one of the World’s most experienced, best - known and most respected e-commerce practitioners and he has been involved in multi channel retailing for over 25 years.

During his career he has been responsible for increasing the sales of leading brands in all sectors, including Ted Baker, Harrods, Pentland brands (Speedo, Kickers, Boxfresh etc) Burberry, Mars Drinks, Intersport, etc.

Martin is regarded as a multi-channel marketing leader in the UK.
He is a regular contributor to Retail Week, e-consultancy and other titles. His lectures and masterclasses are among the key events during the international e-commerce conferences in Las Vegas, London and Sydney. He is also the International judge for the inaugural online retail awards for Australia.

Martin is an e-Academy lecturer.