Webit "Most Influential People Online" Project

The Webit Ambassadors Honorary Board has just announced a new international project – Webit Most Influential People Online. The project aims to find and endorse the most influential online people of Central and Eastern Europe.

“There are so many challenges in front of the digital industry in the CEE region. Some of the biggest are education of the markets and promotion of the effectiveness and creativity of the digital industry. In this respect we are looking for the most influential online people in the region and within each country of CEE to endorse them and start working together in order to educate the markets and develop the CEE digital industry.” announced Alain Heureux President and CEO IAB Europe and Chairman of the Honorary Webit Ambassadors Board.

Webit Most Influential People Online is open for everyone. After a short registration everyone may start influencing and measure his/her own influence within the country and the CEE region.

“Influence is not only the number of friends one is having on Facebook, or the number of followers on Twitter, the contacts in LinkedIn, the subscribers of the blog, etc. Influencing is beyond these numbers, it is about motivating people to act.”, says Plamen Russev, Chairman of the Board of e-Academy and Webit Honorary Ambassador, who is behind the idea and organizer of the Webit events. 

It is likely that a good preacher may influence 50% of the people who showed up on Sunday to make a donation, good street musicians can get 10% of the people who watch their show to throw an Euro in the hat, the direct marketers are happy to have 2% conversion rate. Webit most influential project  is looking for those online people who may convert their readers, followers, friends and  contacts into an influence score and motivate them go beyond the click.

There is nothing special the influencers have to do. Just the ordinary stuff – to be a part of the online  conversation as usual.

The project starts on 18 August and ends on 18 October 2010 10:00 AM GMT. The top 5 most influential people of each country and the most influential people of CEE among them shall be endorsed worldwide. They shall be announced at a special ceremony in front of 6 000 professionals  during the biggest and best attended digital industry event – Webit Expo & Conferences 2010 in Sofia, Bulgaria on 27 October. Their pictures shall be printed in the Webit Expo catalogues and distributed to 20 000 professionals. Their online profiles shall be widely promoted through CEE and rest of the world.

Start influencing now: http://influence.webitexpo.com