Frequenlty Asked Questions

  1. How many visitors, how large is the exhibition area, from which countries are the exhibitors?
    It is expected that over 6 000 people will visit the exhibition. The net exhibition area is about 800 square meters in Hall 3 of the National Palace of Culture. The main part  is represented by Bulgarian companies but also there will be representatives of companies from the industry and guests from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and others.
  2. What language is the catalog?
    The catalog is published in English or in Bulgarian at the choice of the exhibitor company.
  3. What about VAT if I am foreign player? Do I have to pay VAT?
    Yes. We are obliged to charge VAT whether the company is Bulgarian or not. Prices are listed without 20% VAT.
  4. Are there additional fees?
    No. Different additional fees will not be charged  than those described in the Application Agreement. Prices are for the entire duration of the exhibition.
  5. Exposure of large and heavy samples?
    Please consult us for bulky and heavy exhibits. There are some restrictions for transport and use of the elevators. The doors are 108 centimeters wide and 199 centimeters high and the depth was 245 centimeters.
  6. Is it possible several companies to share a booth?
    No special conditions for group participation. No objection, if the company paid for the area and after that invite their partners to their stand. In that case, only one company signed the contract and paid participation. All companies on the stand may be entered in the catalog as participants against the charge.
  7. When is the earliest date we can make a request to participate for the next exhibition?
    Companies wishing to participate may involve surface not less than one months elapsed from the end of the show. Until then, those involved must decide whether they will take the same place again if next time the exhibition is held in the same location.
  8. What does it mean “finished stand“?
    Stand ready to build aluminum construction type Oktanorm exhibition. Includes white walls, white head frieze, lighting. The module is 99 x 99 cm, height is 2.52 meters, and in some places - 2.20 m
  9. Finished stand include carpet?
    No. We build standard stands directly on the existing pavement.
  10. What other elements may be added to the finished stand?
    Additional elements of arrangement may be added. They are made of the same elements of which is construction and stands. All possibilities for additional elements with appropriate prices you can see in the contract.
  11. Are labels included in the price?
    No. You may order individual titles and other graphics. Pure size friezes are 95 x 21 cm, 95 x 31 cm and 194 x 21 cm, 194 x 31 cm, and walls - 95 x 244 cm or 95 x 194 cm. Arrangement of goods and layout of stands should be in such a way as not to damage structure stands. Drilling, paint and glue are not allowed.
  12. What should I do if I want more complex than the standard stand that my offer?
    There are companies who want to do something in particular, employing internal surface without stand and to order the construction of a specialized firm or do it yourself.  In that case the electric power, which is noted in the Application Agreement must be ordered to the Organizer. You should present your project in 3D model of how to shape space in order to have written agreement with the  organizer within at least 1 month before the exhibition.
  13. Are there any restrictions, if you build your own stand?
    General limit is 2.50 meters high. At some places the ceiling is 2.30 meters, in which case you will receive additional information. You can make a greater emphasis, if not prevent the other stands.. Project is coordinated with the Organizer within at least 1 month before the exhibition.
  14. If I hire an internal surface without stand, can I pay for additional equipment?
    In principle it is possible, but it is advisable to start to plan everything you need for your booth, if not buy ready built-up area.
  15. Can we participate without any structure stands?
    Yes. Whether there will be a structure or not depends entirely on the exhibitor. When you select an area without internal stand, it is suggested that you or another company will build the structure. You can choose to not build, if you can arrange the stand without it. But you have to present 3D model of how to shape space 1 month before the event.
  16. What is a group of stands?
    Several neighboring stands are numbered as the group stands so that it is easy to orientate in a sketch.
  17. What are the working hours of the exhibition, visiting hours and hours of arranging and the removal of the exhibits?
    Working time of the exhibitors from 9.30 to 19.30 hours. Open for visitors from 10.00 to 18.00 hours. Arrangement of the exhibits before the exhibition and their movement after is in writing in the application - contract.
  18. Parking?
    Organizer does not commit to provide parking for participants in the exhibition.