We need that kind of power and energy in each market to create events like Webit. We need it for the industry, we need it for the market and I think, when I see here the venue, when I see the number of people, when I see the quality of the people sitting here and registered, I can only say congratulations to what you did for the region and I hope that from year to year you can continue like that. 
Alain Heureux, President & CEO of IAB Europe

I'm loving Webit. I must say, I work on international team at the Guardian, I do travel a lot for my job and this is one of the most friendliest and easiest network events I've ever been at.
Liz Butler, International Group Head, Guardian News and Media

I'm really impressed, I'm pleasаntly surprised. I didn't know what to expect and I think it looks good and profesional, great staging, 500 people and they're all obviously interested in learning more and that's a realy good thing. Тhey haven't just wondered off the street, they've paid to be here and that's a very good indication that there is a lot of interest in this market for internet marketing, so that's good, good job.
Alex Marks, Head of International Business Marketing, eBay

It's a fantastic event for this market, in terms of helping the market to grow. I think the organizers of the event have done an amazing job producing a very profesional event and attracting both, lots of local players and lots of international players to come and share their experiences in one place. 
Alison Fennah, Executive Director, European Interactive Advertising Association

It's unlikely that the event of Webit will be reproduced elsewhere within the region. 
Andrew Pozniak, Head of Travel and Retail, Google Emerging Market

We are happy to be here. For me, there are so many great people from the whole Internet business from Europe. It's realy important to have their opinions and their impresions and experiences from so many markets. 
Monika Lasota, International Business Development Manager, Gemius SA

I'm realy impressed to be honest. This event is realy well organized. I have to say a big thank you to Plamen Russev, who did this realy in a good way, in compare to other countries, where I was before.
Marco Di Noi, Head of E-Commerce Sales and Emerging Markets Ciao Commerce Division, Microsoft

I think everyone's impresion is obviously digital is realy happening here. It's probably a little bit behind Western Europe and as far as mobile is concerned, I think probably we are an year too early.
Russell Buckley, AdMob Inc. Vice President, Global Alliances

I think the general interest in Eastern Europe is very high and I think Webit offered a great frame for that. 
Calin Rotarus, Managing Director of ARBOinteractive Romania

It's great for the bussines to have Webit, because it grows their awareness, it realy shows that this part of the bussiness is important, it's dynamic, it's growing and it always starts with the visionary like Plamen Russev.
Przemek Pluta, Sr. Manager, PayPal Poland