WEBIT announces its conference program

Webit Conference gathers together the symbol companies of the contemporary internet industry

Sofia, 27 of June 2009 - The first exhibition for digital marketing and e-commerce in Southeastern Europe – Webit announces its remarkable conference program. During two days, on three Webit stages discussed topics will be Internet business, online payments, mobile and Internet marketing and advertising, social media and networks, online media, etc. Lecturers are acknowledged as one of the brightest digital professionals in our time, representing companies like Google, eBay, PayPal, Ciao!, AOL (America Online), Guardian, Bytemobile, adMob, Coca Cola, Out There Media, Gemius, IAB Europe, MTG, design.bg and Mobile Marketing Association, design.bg  etc. The full list of all lecturers, participating in the conference program of the exhibit, as well as further information about them and the discussed topics is available on www.webit.bg.

Some of the topics of more than 40 panels and Webit seminar of two days (October 7 and 8, 2009 at NDK, Sofia) are ”Evolution of the digital advertising” and “A careful study of the consumer and marketing strategies in the digital space” discussed by Christian Gallardo - Head of New Markets at Google, “In the e-consumer’s brain – review of recent study of e-consumers adjustment and feedback to advertising” discussed by Alex Marks, Head of International Business Marketing of eBay, etc. RSVPs for the conference program are done online on www.webit.bg. RSVP can be as well for an individual panel as for the whole conference.

You may download the Webit logo from here.

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e-Academy is the first international education institute of its kind on the Balkans which holds a governmental license for professional avocation center in the fields of management and digital marketing.

e-Academy’s short-term objective is to work with companies for improving the skills and knowledge of the existing human resources. As a result of the training at e-Academy, digital solutions should become an increasingly successful and integrated part of the company’s business development.

e-Academy is a partner of all companies during the process for qualification and improvement of their human resources and provision of future human resources through investment in their adequate and needed training. The provision of professional bachelor degree is a long-term goal and provides the partnering companies with an opportunity to establish scholarships and programs with the e-Academy.

e-Academy organizes international conferences, trainings, discussion panels, round tables, etc.