Mobile Marketing in Crisis Time - one of the hot topics of Webit Conference

Mobile Marketing is one of the preferred and cost-effective ways of reaching a larger group of consumers at a time of crisis


Mobile Marketing

One of the Hot Topics on WebIT

Mobile Marketing is one of the preferred and cost-effective ways of reaching a larger group of consumers at a time of crisis

Sofia, August 4th 2009Mobile marketing will be one of the main discussed trends during the upcoming B2B Internet Business and Marketing  Exhibition & Conference for Sotheastern Europe - Webit. According to research, based on the effectivness of mobile marketing, conducted by several international institutes, while many markets are shrinking, the one for mobile services is expanding, an with it the share of advertising budgets going in that direction. At the same time, reaching the end user is much easier and independent from time and space. “92% of the polled in a study, done by The World Mobile Marketing Association claim that they never part with their cellular phone for more than a meter during the entire 24 hours,”says Plamen Rusev, chairman of e-Academy, organizer of Webit and founder of

The hot topic – Mobile will be discussed by some of the most influential international professionals and speakers, such as – Paul Burney, Chairman of the Mobile Marketing association for Europe, Alexandra Deutsch, Managing Director Austria & VP Operator Relations, Out There Media and Suarav Chopra, Director of Internet Services for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Latin America – Bytemobile who all will be talking on the topic “The Near future of Mobile Marketing”. Anders Borde, Marketing Director of More Mobile Relations, will present the topic “Mobile as Part of Your Total Mix: How mobile links your channels and improves value of whole mix”. Other speakers on the topic are also Anders Solheim, Co-founder of ComCom, Russell Buckley, Vice President of AdMob Inc. and others. All of them have significant experience on the subject not only through their work but also through their side projects and blogs, making these individuals a great resource for everyone well aware or just entering the field of mobile marketing.

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