Less than an year to IAB Bulgaria

Hopefully IAB Bulgaria shall be fact next year

 Sofia, September 16, 2009 - Bulgaria will become part of the European network of interactive advertising. On September 7 and 8, 2009, there will be a meeting aiming to form IAB Bulgaria during Webit - the first e-marketing and e-business exhibition for Southeastern Europe. The initiative has undertaken by Plamen Russev, Chairman of e-Academy and creator of design.bg, who is supported by Alan Heureux, President of IAB Europe and Jaroslav Sobolewski, President of IAB Poland, who are visiting Bulgaria at the invitation of Plamen Russev.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe is a trade organization that represents the interests of the European digital industry since 1998. The organization represents 5, 500 companies from 23 countries from Western and Eastern Europe and helps the growth of the European markets of interactive advertising. IAB Europe regulates the market's functions and sets the beginning of standards and rules which are crucial for the development of the digital industry. The corporate members of IAB are advertisers, big media groups, publishers, research companies and delivery and service companies.

This way, “IAB Bulgaria – opportunities and challenges” is a topic that is part of Webit conference program. The panel will give more information on what IAB is, how to help the growth of the market through IAB, what the benefits are for internet industry and marketers in the network and will as well help for the formation of IAB Bulgaria. The visitors are specially invited representatives of big media groups, interactive agencies and big publish compnies in Bulgaria.

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