Highest level Microsoft executve is to be speaking at Webit

Webit is hosting some of the most renowned digital specialists in the world. One of them is the CTO of Microsoft - Norman Judah

Sofia, September 17, 2009 - Undoubtedly, the online marketing is crucial part of the corporate communication and identity. The global tendency and fast changes in the industry contribute to the constant growth, which Bulgaria has to be in step with by all means. The presence of Microsoft and one of its highest specialists, Norman Judah, Chief Technology Officer, Worldwide Services and IT, during Webit - the first e-marketing and e-business exhibition for Southeastern Europe and one of the biggest in Europe, can contribute to the alignment of Bulgaria with the global tendencies of online marketing and e-commerce.

The topic “The next web” will reveal the latest news, which will be led by Norman Judah. The presentation will show Microsoft technologies that improve the quality of online marketing and give an opportunity for rich and multifunctional web-based applications.

Norman Judah will be a guest-lecturer in Webit conference programme. Judah joined Microsoft in 1990 as part of Microsoft Consultancy Services, where he became Manager. He worked as Director of the IT team and helped for the formation of internal IT infrastructure and business applications of Microsoft. The methods that Judah uses for technologies reduce the risk and ensure on-time delivery not at the expense of the new tendencies that he always follows. Prior to Microsoft, Norman Judah worked for Imperial Oil Limited, the Canadian affiliate of Exxon Corp., where he architected and developed leading edge transaction processing systems and real-time distributed systems. Norman Judah has more than 25 years of experience in the systems industry, most of which has been spent trying to simplify and streamline the way business applications are built through well defined application architectures. All this makes him very valued asset in Webit program.

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