Google, America Online, Mindshare and IAB Europe will discuss the future of digital advertising and marketing in Sofia

What is the future of digital advertising


Google, America Online, Mindshare and IAB Europe will discuss the future of digital advertising and marketing in Sofia

Digital marketing requires less resources

According to researches of marketers, the standard marketing budget reorients more towards digital advertising platforms. The digital marketing requires less resources and gives better feedback, stimulates direct client communication and last but not least it is measurable by parameters that the traditional advertising is not.

Analysts predict increase of investments in online advertising

The estimate is that the investment in online advertising will increase in the next few years at the expense of offline advertising, where the investments will decrease. The development of digital advertising is a topic included in the conference program of the organized in Bulgaria and the first exhibit for e-marketing and e-business for South-eastern Europe – Webit.

Consumers modify the digital environment

Preferences of consumers are to modify the digital environment which gives them more options and information, securing wider access and more intensive interaction between consumer and brand. Nowadays, consumers want to receive specialized information in the area of their interests, to control the frequency of delivering and channels of receiving it. This is a challenge according to the markers.

Professionals on global level will discuss the future progress of digital advertising in Sofia

In regard to this, representatives of leading international companies will discuss the topic of digital advertising during Webit conference program such as: Christian Gallardo - Head of New Markets at Google, Michael Steckler, Managing Director Platform-A UK, America Online (AOL), Norm Johnston - Global Digital Leader of Mindshare Worldwide, Alain Heureux – President & CEO of IAB Europe. Moderator will be Plamen Russev, Chairperson of e-Academy, Founder of Bulgaria and Organizer of Webit.

About e-Academy:

e-Academy is the first international education institute of its kind on the Balkans which holds a governmental license for professional avocation center in the fields of management and digital marketing.

e-Academy’s short-term objective is to work with companies for improving the skills and knowledge of the existing human resources. As a result of the training at e-Academy, digital solutions should become an increasingly successful and integrated part of the company’s business development.

e-Academy is a partner of all companies during the process for qualification and improvement of their human resources and provision of future human resources through investment in their adequate and needed training. The provision of professional bachelor degree is a long-term goal and provides the partnering companies with an opportunity to establish scholarships and programs with the e-Academy.

e-Academy organizes international conferences, trainings, discussion panels, round tables, etc.