Global Webit StartUp Challenge Audience Award Voting



by Follow Inspiration, Lda.

IS2you is a spin-off of the University of Beira Interior officially created in 2012. The area of activity is focused in the development of intelligent systems which can be used in different fields. With an innovative and enterprising vision, and always acting in a flexible and dynamic way, at IS2you we develop and offer solutions to our customers, using technology towards social responsibility and seeking to contribute to the development of society.

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Rules of Webit StartUp Challenge Audience Award Voting

  1. Every user has the righ to vote only once for any of the listed participants.
  2. The participants have the right to share their profile on the Webit Congress website and engage the users to vote for them. The links may be spread through social networks, emails, banners, blogs or other digital properties.
  3. The top 10 participants with the highest number of votes shall be awarded the right for pitch at Webit Congress Open Stage.
  4. The voting begins on 01.08.2013 and ends on 2.09.2013 at 12:00 GMT
  5. If a participant is proved to have used misleading and malicions practices during the voting process, all fake votes will be removed and the Jury has the right to suspend the participant from the competition, depending on the nature and volume of the offense.
  6. The participants have no right to offer any kind of rewards for voting. Offering material rewards in exchange for votes may lead to suspension from the competition.
  7. By voting for the participants in the Webit Congress 2013 StartUp Challenge, the users agree that the voting system uses his/her Facebook profile data for validation purposes and posts an update about the activity on the user's profile wall.