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by Imagga UK Ltd.

Imagga is high-tech company, focused on developing, commercializing, and democratizing image analysis technologies made available as a cloud platform of programmer-friendly APIs and user-friendly tools. Imagga API platform is a set of image analysis and understanding technologies offered as web services that allow owners of large image collections to automate the process of analyzing, organizing and searching through their image collections. These services are hosted at our end and are available on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, which makes them very flexible, scalable (applicable to any size of image collection), and affordable.

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Country: Bulgaria

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About StartUp Challange

If you are an EMEA startup, Webit StartUp Challenge is your chance to pitch on stage in front of the biggest Investors and get international Media Coverage. Webit Startup Challenge also gives you the opportunity to present your company to the European, Middle East and African tech community, exclusive contacts with investors and direct feedback from renowned judges.

The winner will get international media coverage in most of the global and local media partners of Webit Congress and shall catch the attention of more than 6000 visitors from 60+ countries of Webit Congress.

First 18 finalists are announced. Remaining startups will compete by voting for the remaining 3 awards.

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