Fayez Abu Awad

Fayez Abu Awad

Webit Speaker, EVP Middle East & Africa at Boost Communications

A pioneer of mobile marketing and advertising in MEA. Having sold his first Internet banner campaign early in 1996, in what is arguably the first such sale in MEA, Fayez came back to pioneer the sale of media on mobile Internet property as well as mobile campaign design and planning.

He is a telecoms veteran who took charge of building the mobile advertising market for Nokia in the Middle East and Africa. He conceived, sold and managed interactive mobile advertising campaigns in the Middle East and various parts of the African continent.

Prior to that, Fayez served as Nokia's Essential Insight manager For the Middle East and Africa, as part of the strategy process and insights team.

He currently leads Boost Communications operations in emerging markets. Fayez is very passionate about the success of Arabic language in the digital world and is also an entrepreneur currently developing solutions to enable equal participation in Web 3.0.

Fayez is an Oxford MBA and he holds a master of engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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