Webit 2011 - StartUp Village Conference

Start Up Village is the new addition to Webit, specifically focused on the startup industry in Central and Eastern Europe. We see a rapidly evolving start up & entrepreneurial culture in the CEE region and growing potential for world class businesses in the digital space. StartUp Village invites entrepreneurs, investors, and digital industry professionals to share insights and experience the latest start up trends in CEE.

The event will include two-day expo and one day conference (27 October) providing a showcase of the top CEE start-ups, case studies and in-depth knowledge on the startup activity in the region.

The Start Up Village Conference offers a step-by-step process including how to start a tech company in CEE, what are the ways to scale outside your home market, how to finance your business and what is the stage of the venture capital/investor activity.

StartUp Village Event Partner
StartIt Smart

Webit Congress 2011 Startup Village Programme:


27 October, 2011

From Till Topic Speaker
09:30:00 10:10:00 Opening and Keynote speech by Andy Chеn

Plamen Russev, Andy Chen
10:25:00 11:05:00 Building a Global Startup: From Eastern Europe to Silicon Valley
- how can you build a global company from EE?
- what are EE advantages/disadvantages?
- Silicon Valley VC model for a EE startup
- going global

Ilja LaursPresentation
11:20:00 12:00:00 Concept of a Startup: How to choose your own audience and focus on the most important things
Denis PopovtsevPresentation
12:15:00 12:55:00 How to make it big outside your home market

Andrus ViirgPresentation 
12:55:00 14:20:00 Lunch break
14:20:00 15:00:00 Doing Business with TelCos. Monetizing & Partnership opportunities

Krassen HinkovPresentation
15:15:00 15:55:00 .ME tips for startups

Vuksan RajkovicPresentation
16:10:00 16:50:00 Focus on success – Host.bg's Startup Program

Sokol Sokolov
17:05:00 17:45:00 „Using the Power of the Community and Open Source to build Global Businesses", a different perspective regarding investing in the CEE.
Tom HenrikssonPresentation

The Program is subject of changes.

StartUp Village Conference Programme Commitee Chairman

Andy Chen
CEO of Preview Networks



Ilja Laurs
Founder and CEO of GetJar
Andy Chen
CEO of Preview Networks
Andrus Viirg

Andrus Viirg

Director of Enterprise Estonia Silicon Valley

Denis Popovtsev

Denis Popovtsev

Information Architect, Yandex

Krasen Hinkov

Director Products & Services at Mobiltel

Tom Henriksson

Tom Henriksson

Partner, Open Ocean Capital

Vuksan Rajkovic

Head of business development in .ME Registry

Sokol Sokolov

CEO at Host.bg

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