Kalin Genchev

Kalin Genchev is a Marketing manager of the digital printing direction.
posted 15.September.2009

Andrew Bradford

As Director of EU Strategy and Research, Andrew manages a team of Research and Sales Strategy professionals that support 9 European offices and is a highly sought after speaker at industry events.
posted 16.September.2009

Konstantina Stoyanova

Konstantina is AdWords Account Strategist, Bulgarian Market, Google.
posted 16.September.2009

Lyubomir Rusanov

Lyubomir Rusanov is CEO of SuperHosting.BG.
posted 18.September.2009

Paul Berney

Paul Berney is Managing Director at Mobile Marketing Association Europe

posted 23.September.2009

Antony Ivanov

Internet Projects Manager, Nova TV
posted 26.September.2009

Attila Urban

As a founding member of B-zone s.r.o. Attila is considered to be a pioneer of e-comerce in Slovakia.
posted 26.September.2009

Hristo Tuchev

Interactive Media Services

posted 26.September.2009

Alex Visa

Alex Visa is Managing Partner of HyperActive, full service interactive agency based in Bucharest.
posted 29.September.2009

Liz Butler

Liz Butler is International Group Head at Guardian News and Media.
posted 01.October.2009

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