Gergana Vassileva

Gergana Vassileva is Managing Partner and shareholder of United Partners, announced the best PR agency in Bulgaria for 2003, 2004 and 2006.
posted 10.September.2009

Boril Karaivanov

Boril Karaivanov is a graphic designer interested in graphic communication in different media.
posted 10.September.2009

Calin Fusu

Calin Fusu is co-founder and CEO of Neogen SA.
posted 10.September.2009

Steffen Ehrhardt

Steffen Ehrhardt is Product Specialist & Project Manager Emerging Markets (Central-East-Europe, Middle East & Africa), Google Germany GmbH, Frankfurt
posted 10.September.2009

Elif Bakiler

posted 20.August.2011

Anton Titov

Anton's life is entirely connected the Internet! Programmer, system administrator, hardware specialist. Co-founder and current manager and technical director of Host.bg - N 1 Hosting company Bulgaria.
posted 11.September.2009

Dragos Stanca


posted 11.September.2009

Borislav Borislavov

Borislav Borislavov has worked as a system administrator at ICN.BG from its establishment. He is now in charge of the development of new services as well as the improvement of the current IT infrastructure of the company.
posted 14.September.2009

Andrew Pozniak

Andrew Pozniak is Google's Head of Travel and Retail sectors for Emerging Markets and works with companies and their agencies to drive uptake of digital media, best practice and effective investment.
posted 15.September.2009

Ivaylo Lakov


posted 15.September.2009

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