Alain Heureux

posted 19.July.2009

Vladimir Petkov - Kaladan

Vladimir Petkov is Director Internet Business of Economedia. He is responsible for the onlne projecst: Dnevnik.bg, Capital.bg и Karieri.bg.
posted 19.July.2009

Elly Gerganova

Elly Guerganova has served for more than 13 years as a general manager in various Eastern Europe markets of one of the biggest FMCG companies – Diageo.
posted 20.July.2009

Calin Rotarus

posted 17.August.2009

Boyan Tabakov

From a reliable and stable hosting infrastructure to a flexible hosting packages and services providing resources on demand. Opportunities for planning and providing financial advantages for users using corporate applications and databases on demand, including free periods of implementation.
posted 18.August.2009

Ognyan Mladenov

Ognyan Mladenov is a founder and owner of the SEOM agency (http://seom.bg/), specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
posted 04.September.2009

Lyubomir Lekov

Lyubomir Lekov is a Founder and chairman of the Board of directors of Investor
posted 07.September.2009

Lazar Malakov

Lazar Malakov is the new Commercial Director of the online media company Investor.BG. He will be responsible for 4 key departments of the company - Sales, Marketing, Business Development and PR. He will coordinate their activities, support development, branding, increase of sales and customers, strategic positioning and identity of the brands and the company. Malakov has a solid experience in activities such as branding, corporate image development, communication strategies.
posted 07.September.2009

Lily Grozeva

Lily Grozeva has worked in the field of online marketing and SEO for over 4 years. She is currently part of Mag Studio’s online marketing team, developing overall SEO strategies for new and existing websites.
posted 08.September.2009

Alison Fennah

Alison Fennah is Executive Director of the European Interactive Advertising Association, the pan-European trade organisation for sellers of interactive media.
posted 08.September.2009

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