Veselin Angelov

Managing Director, Gemius Bulgaria

The first project, that Vesselin Angelov has started as a CEO of Gemius Bulgaria Ltd. was measuring the social-demographic characteristics of audience of various bulgarian internet sites. The data from this reseach is used for effective media planning by advertising agencies and for selfevaluation of performance of internet publishers. At present, the project includes more than 300 leading internet sites visited monthly by over 2.7 million REAL internet users or 87.5 % of the total online audience in Bulgaria. These sites have more than 3 billion impressions per month.

Following the natural evolution of online market and needs of the advertisers, Vesselin is also working on a project to measure the efficiency of each online campaign. This is based on analysis of actual reported quantitative and qualitative indicators. The project includes a performance measurement of the specific objectives of the campaign, such as increasing "brand awareness" and others.

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