Speaking opportunities

Webit gives new and returning speakers an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with a growing audience of publishers, marketers, agencies, journalists, engineers, investors, entrepreneurs and industry influencers. Each conference features between 5 – 60 speakers covering all areas of the digital media-marketing spectrum, including:
  •  Consumer Generated Content
  •  Brand Building  Marketing Metrics    
  •  Integrated Marketing  Media Buying    
  •  Email Marketing Podcasts    
  •  Mobile Marketing Wikis    
  •  Web Analytics    
  •  TV 2.0  Recruitment     
  •  Affiliate Marketing  Behavioral Target Marketing     
  •  Blogging  Viral Marketing     
  •  Vidcasts  Creativity
  •  and many other

The Webit conference is 100% editorial content. Speakers are selected on their merit, insight, leadership and ability to share new research and metrics. Webit welcomes speakers from all brand categories, agencies, corporations and perspectives.

Keynotes: are limited to 3-5 marquee speakers per event and typically feature high-profile executives or thought leaders representing key areas of the new marketing landscape. Keynote presentations are open to all attendees.

Panels: are rich opportunities for qualified speakers from every corner of the industry to share insights and experiences with a quality audience. These speaking opportunities also provide a valuable opportunity to gauge the competitive relevance and value of their companies in a highly targeted and interactive forum.

Panel Moderators: represent a valuable opportunity for industry leaders to participate in Webit in a panel format. Panel discussions involve organization and skill of moderators and include audience QA opportunities.

Workshops: are highly focused, interactive learning environments where speakers move from behind the podium to directly engage with attendees. 
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