Diego Semprun

Nielsen Online
posted 10.November.2009

Nadya Rusenova

posted 10.November.2009

Emiel van Wegen

He has been working for Synovate for the past seven years in which he managed several client accounts. He also spent two years at Synovate Spain as a Research Director.
posted 09.November.2009

Monika Lasota

In Gemius Monika Lasota holds the position of International Business Development Manager, being responsible for coordination of Gemius activities in the area of sales, PR and business development in Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.
posted 28.October.2009

Veselin Angelov

The first project, that Vesselin Angelov has started as a CEO of Gemius Bulgaria Ltd. was measuring the social-demographic characteristics of audience of various bulgarian internet sites. The data from this reseach is used for effective media planning by advertising agencies and for selfevaluation of performance of internet publishers.
posted 28.October.2009

Stoyan Mihaylov

As Managing Director Stoyan has proved communication and interpersonal skills, ability to tactfully guide and advise the research and field team of Synovate Bulgaria.
posted 27.October.2009

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