Emiel van Wegen

European Director, Synovate, ViewsNet

After studying international marketing management and business economics at the University of Groningen, Van Wegen started his market research career at Fortis Group, a mayor Benelux financial service provider. During this period, Van Wegen did an MBA at the University of Bradford. After five years, he left the financial sector to switch to the agency side.

He has been working for Synovate for the past seven years in which he managed several client accounts. He also spent two years at Synovate Spain as a Research Director. 

Today’s responsibilities include business development of innovative online and panel research methods within Synovate.  He supports teams around Europe to ensure the clients “research 2.0” needs are optimally met in terms of capabilities, pricing, staffing, and research quality.  On top, he is a frequent presenter at industry events.

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