Orieta-Mihaela Hulea

Head of Danube/Freshwater Team Leader, WWF Danube Carpathian Programme Romania

Orieta-Mihaela Hulea is a Freshwater expert with twelve years experience of working in the Lower Danube region to implement nature conservation and policy activities, including four years of working for WWF DCP as coordinator of the Lower Danube Green Corridor (LDGC). Good knowledge of EU environmental legislation and EU Accession processes demonstrated through policy work in Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova and integration of LDGC with key processes at EU and Danube Basin levels. Gained experience of team management and communication with a wide range of stakeholders through coordination of national projects and lobby activities at national and international levels. Knowledge of Project Cycle Management and successful fundraising activity for freshwater conservation in the Lower Danube region (4 approved EU Life Nature projects).

Professional experience:

  • Since September 2008: Head of Danube/Freshwater Team Leader, WWF Danube Carpathian Programme Romania; Responsible for day-to-day coordination of WWF’s freshwater conservation work in the Danube River Basin, strategic programme development, management of staff, budgets and individual projects, provision of technical advice to the DC Representatives and to other member of WWF
  • March 2005 - September 2008: Lower Danube Green Corridor Coordinator, WWF Danube Carpathian Programme Romania; Planning and coordinating the implementation of WWF DCP freshwater conservation activities along Lower Danube in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine, focusing on the establishment of an effective mechanism for transboundary coordination of the LDGC.
  • 2003-March 2005, Freelance fundraiser for Nature Conservation projects; Provided technical support for developing and submitting EU LIFE Nature applications
  • 1996-2003, Head of Hydrobiological Laboratory, Danube Delta National Research and Design Institute, Tulcea; Day-to-day management and coordination of the research activity and of the laboratory staff (7), strategic planning and fundraising to develop research activities in the field of applied freshwater ecology.
  • 2000-2003, Project Coordinator, Danube Delta National Research and Design Institute, Tulcea; Designed the Integrated Monitoring System of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve
  • 1996-2003, Research scientist, Danube Delta National Research and Design Institute, Tulcea; In depth analysis of macro-invertebrates community in the Danube Delta, with practical applications for water quality monitoring systems and wetland restoration.
Volunteer activities and professional affiliations:

  • 2000-2004, member of the International Association of Danube River, IAD
  • 1997-2003, member of the board of the Pro-Delta Group NGO

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