Carlos Jimenez

Change management manager, Autonomous Government of Catalonia, Spain

Engineer Carlos E. Jiménez is the change management manager of the e-Justice project of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, Spain (Information Systems Service of the Department of Justice).  He has a wide experience in ICTs across several fields. He was awarded by the United Nations with the “Online Volunteer of the Year Award 2005” for his work on virtual projects and teams’ management. He collaborates with universities, governments and international institutions that are interested in e-government and information systems in the public sector.  He is Vice-President Members of the IEEE Technology Management Council Spanish Chapter and Vice-Dean of the Official Professional Association of Technical Computer Engineers of Catalonia, Spain.  His areas of interest include IT strategic alignment, government cloud, semantic web, information systems management, interoperability and e-governance. He has written several articles and participated in important conferences related to these areas. 

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