Stephan Pascall

Stephan Pascall

Webit Speaker, Adviser, Lisbon Strategy and Policies for the Information Society, DG Information Society and Media, European Commission

Stephan Pascall has extensive engineering and policy background in the Telecommunications and Space industry with British Telecom (BT) and the European Commission. In BT he initially carried out research work in Advanced Pattern Recognition Technologies and later on Space Communication, Satellite Communication and Launcher Design and Procurement. In the Commission he played a major role in the launch of the GSM (Frequency Directive etc.) and a number of areas of the Framework Programmes in Information and Communication Technologies, both in technology and application.  

Stephan Pascall has extensive understanding of the political and technological developments and status of the Central and Eastern European Countries including Russia. He plays an active role in sensitive high level international negotiations both with the EU member states and with the various public and industrial organisations. He has extensive financial and management experience in leading skilled professional teams in achieving complex and challenging objectives with concrete results.

After leading the eTEN Programme he is now an Adviser to the Director for Directorate C, "Lisbon Strategy and Policies for the Information Society". His current responsibilities include International Cooperation, Integration of New Member States and Regional Aspects for RTD in the area of the European Commission 7th Framework Programme ICT-Theme.   
Stephan Pascall is an author of a number of books and publications in telecommunication topics including Mobile and Space Communication. He is a frequently engaged lecturer on Telecommunication, Space Communication, Rocket Technologies and European Integration at a number of European Universities. Stephan graduated in Electronic Engineering in London and was awarded a PhD in his work on Pattern Recognition Technologies.    

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