Sebastien Levy

Sebastien Levy

Webit Speaker, Vice President Global Forum, Partner Items International

Sebastian Lévy is senior consultant and associated partner of ITEMS International, a France-based consultancy. He is specialized in Information and Communication Technologies and has worked as an expert consultant and ICT advisor for various local governments in France and in Europe. He has also contributed to the development and deployment of several e-Government and e-Democracy applications and services. Being involved in multiple national and European ICT projects and studies focusing on ICT, Sebastian Lévy is working as independent advisor on electronic voting for the French Ministry of the Interior since 2002.

Since 2006 he is working closely with the European Commission on the Living Labs concept. & he is member of the Open Innovation Strategy & Policy Group initiated by the EC
Sebastian is Vice President of E.N.S.A. (European Education New Society Association) since 1997.
Sébastien Lévy is also Vice President of the Global Forum, an annual and international event dedicated to Information and Communication Technologies.  As a high profile Think-tank bringing together government, business and civil society, the Global Forum acts as a catalyst for a wide range of communications applications.
Career Summary: Chemical Engineer; IBM Commercial Engineer; Data Manager of a Data Processing Service Company; 1973 - 1992: Vice President for Europe of the Edutronics Corporation US; President of Eduvision, a pioneer company and a French leader in Multimedia Development, Digital Image Expertise and Publisher of Educational Multimedia Supports. Since 1993: Information & Communication Technologies Expert-Consultant.


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