Kim Normann Andersen

Kim Normann Andersen

Webit Speaker, Professor – Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Positions and job experiences
  • Full professor, Copenhagen Business School (2008-)
  • Professor (with special assignments), Copenhagen Business School (2003-2008)
  • Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School (1997-2003)
  • Assistant Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark (19941997)
  • Ph.D. (1994) and MA (1989) from Copenhagen University.
  • Visiting Professor, School of Information Systems, Deakin University, Australia (January 2004)
  • Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Statistics, and Information Systems (ESI), Örebro University, Sweden (2003)
  • Part-time Visiting Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark (Fall 2005)
  • Visiting researcher at Tokyo University (1996-1997)
  • Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Irvine, Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations (199192 + 1993)
  • Study director for the Informatics Ph.D. School (IPS), Copenhagen Business School (2005-2008). Coordinator for the Ph.D Informatics Program at LIMAC PhD School at CBS (2008-)
  • Founder and study director for the e-business program (M.Sc.) at the Copenhagen IT University (1999-2002; 2008-present)
  • Director for the Center for Research on Information Technology in Policy Settings (CIPS) (Fall 1998-2003)
  • Scientific Research Manager for the EU-funded DEMO_Net Network of Excellence (Noe) (2006-) , FP6
  • Partner coordinator for the EGOVMONNET project (2008-), FP7Project manager for EU ASIA IT&C projects MAXCROP (2002-2004), LeGov (2004-2005), eBhutis (2004-2006) and partner coordinator for the EDIT & EQUIT
  • Evaluator and reviewer for the European Commission ESPRIT, 5th Framework IST-program (SUPPLYPOINT, TRANSACT, MESSENGER, SERVEX, INDIA, myFASHION, mEXPRESS, eCOMMlex, eSHARING, and IPDSM) (1999- )
  • Evaluator and reviewer for The Research Council of Norway (2003-)
  • Member of study board for the Executive Master Program on E-commerce (GEM), Copenhagen Business School (2000)
  • Evaluation committee of assistant and associate professorships at CBS, the IT University of Copenhagen, Aalborg University, and Roskilde University (RUC)
  • Member of evaluation committee of professorship positions at Aalborg University,  Tromsø University, MidSweden University
  • Member of national censor groups, frequently censor at DTU and Aalborg University (recently also at RUC).
  • Faculty member of Ph.D. Colloquia at ECIS 2000 (Copenhagen) and ECIS 2002 (Gdansk) and DEXA EGOV 2007 (Regensburg), DEXA EGOV 2006 (Krakow), and DEXA EGOV 2005 (Copenhagen);
  • Ph.D. assessment committee member for the theses delivered by Søren Hjarup, Denmarks
  • Technical University; Rolf Nikula, Aalborg University, Denmark; Carolina Chan, Australia;
  • Jan Karlsbjerg, Aalborg University, Denmark; Leif Skifters Flak, Kristiansand, Norway, Annelie Ekelin, Blekinge University, Sweden, Ulrica Löfstedt, Mid-Sweden University,Sweden, Frank Ulbrich, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
  • Ph.D. supervision of Helle Zinner Henriksen, Ann Fogelgren-Pedersen, Kaare Lines, Møyfrid Kårstad Sannarnes, Christine Secher, Jeppe Agger Nielsen, Christian Hjorth-Madsen, Haukur Anthonsen, and Hanne Sørum.

Awards & Appointments (Editorial boards, steering committees, reviewers etc.)
  • Awarded “Silver Core” by resolution of the General Assembly of the International Federation for Information Processing, 2007.
  • Advisory panel for Marcus Evans
  • Member of Scientific Board of Journal of Applied Quantitative Methods
  • Guest editor for special issue of Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems & International Journal of E-Government Research

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