Webit eGov Summit Main Topics

Government as an Enterprise
  • e-Health services in public sector
  • e-Education services in public sector
  • e-Judicial services in public sector
  • e-Payments
  • e-Tax administration
  • Public record archives
  • Electronic waste
  • PPP in e-Infrastructure and e-Service Development;
  • Open Public Data and e-services development
  • e-Procurement in Support of Economic Recovery
  • Cross Border Procurement
  • Status of the eGov directives and responsibilities of the countries

Government-Citizens Interactions
  • Development and Deployment of e-services – the Public-Private-People-Partnership (PPPP) in Living Labs;
  • e-Democracy & e-Participation at the National, Regional & Local Levels
  • e-Services & e-Content as Means to Transform Government
  • Digital Cities Today and Tomorrow
  • Social Networking
  • The City 2.0 - cities as Platform for Innovation
  • Educating Citizens

Telecom and Internet Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities
  • Net Neutrality - European Net Regulations
  • Internet Governance, Do we have to reinvent it?
  • Digital Dividend Facing Future of Wireless Services
  • A Wider Digital Divide – Lack of Broadband Access in the Rural Areas
  • Internet Regulation Stakes Facing Terrorism and Cybercrime
  • International Domain Names : Openness Change Innovation with New TLD ? (ICANN, NTIA, EU, ISOC, AFNIC , ITU…)
  • Regulate the TV of the Future: Preserve National Compliance or the End of Frontiers

Innovation & Sustainable e-Health
  • Mobile Health
  • Web 2.0 Solution for e-Health
  • Satellites Options for e-Health in Remote areas
  • Tele-Health Application (Ambient Assisted Living, Managing Dependency, Chronic Disease Management)
  • Electronic Medical Records and Integration of Clinical Processes
  • Ethics, Responsibilities & Patient Empowerment, Data Protection Mechanisms and Policies for Patient Access
  • The New Business Models for e-Health & Innovative Solution
  • e-Health as a European Lead Market
  • Impact of e-Health on the Quality of Care
  • Transfer from Knowledge to Clinical Practices
  • Perspective of Cloud Computing in Bio-Technology
  • Knowledge Management of Clinical Data

EU Programs for Local and Regional Development
  • The e-SEE Initiative - perspectives for regional development and EU enlargement
  • The Danube е-Region Initiative in support of the development of the EU Danube Region Strategy;
  • ALADIN university network panel on Danube e-Region development
  • CIP ICT Policy Support Programme as an instrument for pilot implementation of trans-border e-services;

eGov Information security and Trustworthy e-ID services
  • Critical Infrastructures Attacks
  • Cyber Criminality (Denial of Services; Viruses, Intrusion; Cyber Squatting & Cyber Fishing...)
  • Safer Identity Management - Biometrics for Authentication or Identification
  • Governance Issues, Data retention policies and legislation
  • Trust and Transparency Issues
  • Protection of critical infrastructures
  • Security of infrastructure
  • Security related information sharing
  • Information warfare
  • Privacy and freedom of information
  • Government roles in securing cyberspace
  • Case studies of information security, privacy and trust
  • Data privacy, data protection, and digital delegation of rights
  • Social networks and politics

Economic Growth for Local Governments through ICT
  • ICT and European Economic Recovery Plan;
  • Using the Latest Technology Developments & the New European Digital City Concept
  • Multi-Capital Investment Planning, New Solutions for Cities
  • Other Methods to Cut Local Government Expenses in Difficult Times
  • Financing Local Government Large Projects
  • Technology Parks, Increasing Local Revenues by Increasing Importance of Regional Innovation and Technology
  • The Role of the Top Level Political Leader in the Development of Modern and Efficient Public Service Systems

Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • International, regional, national projects
  • Case studies
  • Comparative analysis of current practices
  • Best practices  
  • International cooperation

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