Tolga Arıcan

Tolga Arıcan

Webit Speaker, CEO / Partner at Manifakture

A Bilgi University Computer Science graduate, Tolga has worked in prominent agencies and multinational corporations including Microsoft before he founded Utopic Farm in 2009 with Yiğit Kalafatoğlu utilizing his ux skills and technical expertise. Thus, Tolga's new media quest had begun. 

Founding Manifaktüre with his partner Çağrı in 2012 is one of the cornerstones of his professional life. As CEO of Manifaktüre, he now has the opportunity to excel on his passion of technical creativity and use it for the benefit of the digital industry as a whole.

Tolga has one important message for agencies; "Let us take care of the difficulties that come with production and use our expertise and experience to provide you a faster, better and more efficient ux and development service while you do the thing you do best, go create..."