Dr. Gyula Fehér

Dr. Gyula Fehér

Webit Speaker, Co-Founder and CTO of Ustream

Gyula Feher is co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Ustream, the leading technology platform for live video streaming. With John Ham and Brad Hunstable, Gyula co-founded Ustream to exploit the potential of live video content delivered via the Internet.

Prior to Ustream, Gyula graduated cum laude from Peter Pazmany Law University then founded and led a former top ten Hungarian web consulting firm, which among other things, created and owned Googlerankings.com.

Based in Budapest, Hungary, Gyula is now focused on setting the product and technology strategy, as well as managing the spectrum of overseas development efforts of the Ustream engineering team. His team has built the company’s proprietary Ustream Content Delivery Network (UCDN), Ustream Media Server (UMS), and Ustream TCP Congestion Control Algorithm (UTCP), and they continue to drive the company’s vision through innovation.