UAPR - The Romanian Advertising Association

UAPR is the leading agency association in Romania. UAPR was set up in 2000 with the aim to defend the interests of the Romanian advertising agencies, to develop and professionalize the advertising industry. UAPR seeks to implement educational programs for the industry, establish codes of conduct, provide training seminars to member agency staff, provide legal/lobbying support on legislative issues related to our industry, organize creative and industry festival that highlight the best work from member agencies and general industry support.and Client Agency Survey.

One of the main objectives of the current UAPR strategy is to be a source of education in this industry, providing training courses both for the members of the industry and for those interested to have knowledge of marketing, media and advertising.

UAPR also wants to create a better unity at the members level in order to increase the standards of the industry. Thus, we want to align to the standards of the European Association of Communication Agencies. 

UAPR purpose is to increase transparency and standards of the industry through training and attracting new persons, to raise the self-regulation capacity of the industry and to put Romania on the international map through openness to collaboration with other countries.

UAPR is a common voice for all its members.

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