Sponsor The StartUp Challenge & StartUp Village Expo

The StartUp Challenge & Expo is an unique way to associate your brand with supporting and nurturing the entrepreneurship spirit in the digital markets of the world. It also ensures you will have a direct contact with a premium selection of teams behind disruptive ideas before others become aware of them. Due to the specific nature of the contest and its participants, supporting it also ensures substantial media coverage and social media exposure.

Who should sponsor:

  • Companies searching for talents, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Investors, Vcs
  • Incubators
  • Telcos
  • Payment / security providers
  • NFC technology providers
  • Law firms
  • Web / app developers
  • Platform owners
  • Hosting providers

Delegates / Participants profile

ATTENDEES of the StartUp Village (visitors profile):

Participants in Webit 2012 Challenge: 503 Startup Companies from the whole EMEA reagion

  • Entrepreneurs / start-ups
  • VCs, investors, incubators
  • Game / app developers

ATTENDEES of the whole Webit Congress (visitors profile): Visitors Statistics | Shortlisted Delegates


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